Turning 18


Hello everyone, I had planed to write this post yesterday afternoon but I was somewhat tipsy when I got home and went to have a nap and then when I got up mum rang as she does every night and we talked for about 40 minutes, anyone would think we didn’t spend 4 hours together chatting yesterday afternoon.


Anyway yesterday was my nephew Dawson’s 18th birthday, here in Australia turning 18 is a big deal, so there was a BBQ lunch held at his father’s place only family and while there I drank some of my brother’s Wild Turkey with Pepsi Max and ended up a little tipsy.


Dawson was born at the John Hunter Hospital here in Newie at 7.21pm he was 49cms long or 19 inches, he weighed 7lb 3oz or 3208grams, for some strange reason here we talk about a babies weight in pounds and ounces and length in centimetres, I don’t know why we just do.


Now he is about 5’10” I think, he is tall compared to most of the family, although his father (my brother) is also tall.

At the BBQ there was his dad and step-mother, her parents, his mum and her dad, my parents, my sister Sandra and myself and about 4 children. The weather was lovely and everyone had a good day.


Because it was his birthday and he can legally drink grog now his father gave him a can of Wild Turkey and Cola of which he drank less then half he said he didn’t like the taste after he had cake but I said to mum he just may not have liked it and didn’t want to say so. When I was his age I never drank and I just don’t think Dawson is interested in grog at this stage of his life.


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