Sweating and Stabbing

So we have had a string of wet days here with cool mornings and warm days and the last two days when I did Natasha’s laundry I had to use the dryer to dry it, well this afternoon I done a load of my own washing and when it was done I went outside expecting to throw it in the dryer but it was fine and sunny so hung it on the line and now I have sweat dripping off me.

When I went to hang the washing out I was missing a heap of pegs found them all broken on the ground will be saying something to Leo about that, also I am going to need a new laundry basket as the one I have is breaking also thanks to Leo.

At times Leo can be a destructive little sod, the other day I found him in the laundry stabbing the box I use for the recycling with a streak knife, when I asked him what he was doing he said just stabbing, when asked why he was stabbing he said just feel like it. Took the knife off him and explained that I do not like him to do such things and you can’t go around stabbing stuff,his reply well it is just a box not a living thing,he then went on to explain that you cannot stab living things because it would hurt them and they may die and that is wrong but a box is ok because it has no feelings and cannot die. I didn’t know how to respond to that other then to say it makes a mess and can destroy something I am still using.

In about 10-15 minutes I will be leaving to go get Leo from school, so may not get this finished and posted till after I get back from doing that he is going home to his house tonight and again tomorrow night but I think Jess has work on Saturday so he will be back here then.

Also I stink from the sweating, good thing I am not going out around people this afternoon, yes I use deodorant every day proper deodorant not that body spray stuff well I use that too with the proper deodorant I think too many people mistake body spray for proper deodorant, just saying.

Back again the thermometer in the car said it was 30°c when I got in it to go get Leo,no wonder I was dripping in sweat, heat and wet weather equals hot and sticky I will be going to have a nice relaxing bath when I am finished this.

Back to Leo and knifes and scissors he has a thing for these items, he takes after his mother when she was a child she had a fascination with knifes and scissors as well. She once stormed into the house into the kitchen crapped a large knife and was starting to leave the house saying “I’ll teach the little shit” she was referring to one of the neighbours son who was about the same age as her. I of course stopped her and took the knife off her and told her you cannot go around threatening people with knifes just because they have pissed you off. She thankfully out grew that stage.

Well I am off to have a bath and will be back tomorrow, hope you all have a good night or day depending on when you read this.

Bad Behaviour

Seems Aussie kids are some of the worst behaved in the western world, teachers are complaining that they are unable to discipline and control children there is a call for parents to discipline children and I have to agree I often see some terrible behaved children but a big part of the problem is how do parents and teachers discipline you are not allowed to spank, you cannot yell at them, in fact some so called expects say you should sit the child down and calmly tell them what they are doing wrong and send them to a time out for a few minutes. Teachers have it harder in my opinion the list of all they can’t do in way of discipline is so damn long they have no idea what to do. Thanks to the do-gooders of the world, kids these days have no respect and no consequences for their hideous behaviour. Parents need to parent and stop trying to be “friends” with their kids.

Ok Justin Bieber is in the news again after he got caught giving a mouth full of abuse to someone who yelled out to him to say something to his fans while he was chillin in what was suppose to be a secluded location. His response was a mouth full of foul language and to give the finger to the person not good, yeah I get he wants his space and privacy but he is a public figure and these things happen he should have just turned his back and said and did nothing, not good for his young fans to see him carry on in such a manner.

Leo is acting crazy by laying behind me while I sit here typing, he said to tell you all I am his swag nanna and you cannot have me.

I have now returned after taking Leo to school, it is a cool wet day outside this morning.

In Queensland a dad is annoyed that the parents with prams parking signs show a woman with a baby not a man and a woman and mentioned how a lot of men get strange looks when they take their child into a parents room to take them to the toilet or change their nappy as if this is something only women can do, I say way to go, women want men to be more involved but when they try the get weird looks as if they are doing something wrong.

I forgot to mention that yesterday was my niece Kelli’s birthday she is now I think about 23, I call her my sweetheart this started a few years back when her and Daemon (her son) lived here with me and Tim, Daemon was only 2 at the time and now he is 5 and going to school. Kelli is my sister Sue’s youngest child.

Well that is all for today’s post.

SIDS & Cardboard Boxes


Hi today I am going to talk a little about cot death or SIDS why well because this morning I saw a story about putting babies to sleep in a cardboard box to help prevent SIDS the report said they have been used in Norway and Finland since the 1930’s.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy (SUDI) is a term used to describe the sudden and unexpected death of a baby. SUDI may be the result of a serious illness or a problem that baby may have been born with, but most SUDI deaths occur as a result of either SIDS or a fatal sleep accident.

When no cause for the death can be found, it is called ‘SIDS’.SIDS, is the sudden, unexpected and unexplained death of an apparently well baby. In Australia in 2013, 117 babies died suddenly and unexpectedly, of those deaths, 54 were identified as SIDS. Despite these deaths, SIDS is rare and the risk of your baby dying from it is low.

Most deaths happen during the first 3 months of a baby’s life. If a baby is born premature or with a low birth weight they are at greater risk, and SIDS is also more common in baby boys. Most unexpected deaths occur while the child is asleep in their cot at night.

I remember when my girls where babies I would go and check on them during the night often placing my hand on their chest to make sure they were breathing if couldn’t tell by looking at them. Also I used the baby sleeping bag thing for them to sleep in during the colder months to keep them warm over using a blanket to cover them.


What the box contains pictured above

However, SIDS can also occur when a baby is asleep during the day or, occasionally, while they are awake. Mothers can reduce the risk of SIDS by not smoking while pregnant or around the baby after it is born or while breastfeeding and always placing the baby on their back when sleeping.

Finland has one of the world’s lowest infant death rates of just 3.3 per 1000 in 2013, compared with Australia at 10 per 1000. However, many experts say that the use of a box for baby to sleep in does nothing to prevent SIDS, this mother can see the logic behind it the box isn’t much bigger then the baby there is no room for a pillow which we all know shouldn’t be used with a baby but still far too many mothers do use because they thing the baby looks uncomfortable. The baby isn’t able to roll onto its stomach, there is no room for stuffed toys so really all round safer.

In Finland expectant mothers are given the box in what is a starter kit with clothes, sheets and toys, the maternity package is a gift from the government, here in Australia all new mums can get a baby bundle which is also a free gift from the government, however it doesn’t come in a box that can be used for baby to sleep in and I think maybe it should.

The box in Finland also contains a mattress in the bottom so the baby is sleeping on something. Mothers have a choice between taking the box, or a cash grant, currently set at 140 euros, but 95% opt for the box as it’s worth much more.


Babies who die of SIDS are thought to have problems in the way they respond to these stresses and how they regulate their heart rate, breathing and temperature. Although the cause of SIDS is not fully understood, you can reduce the risk. By doing the following.

Place your child on their back to sleep. The safest place for them to sleep is in a cot in a room with you for the first 6 to 12 months.

Do not smoke while you are pregnant or after your baby is born, and do not let anyone else smoke in the same room as your baby.

SIDS and Kids recommend sleeping a baby in a cot next to the parent’s bed for the first 6-12 months of life.

Don’t have baby sleeping in the same bed as yourself, although I did with all my girls and grandbabies.

Never sleep with your baby on a sofa or an armchair, did this too

Do not let your baby get too hot.

Keep your baby’s head uncovered. Their blanket should be tucked in no higher than their shoulders.

Place your baby on their back to sleep from the very beginning, for both day and night sleeps. This will reduce the risk of cot death. It’s not as safe for babies to sleep on their sides as on their backs. Healthy babies placed on their backs are not more likely to choke.

When the baby is old enough to roll over, don’t prevent them from doing so, how you are to do that they can’t tell you.



In the news today

Rioters who wear masks could be sentenced to 15years in gaol this is the call after the problems with rioters over the weekend at the Moomba sounds good but can this woman see it happening, not really the judges and magistrates in this country are a bunch of gutless wimps.adele


Adele was attacked by mozzies during a recent performance her in Aus does this come as a surprise to any Aussie, me thinks not. Also turns out to get on a stage that is in the middle of a venue she is wheeled passed them in a box so she can just appear on stage as if by magic.

There is a new push for car manufactures to make cars that stop people for texting while driving the first thing that popped into my head when I heard this what if they do it via the bluetooth in the car then I would be screwed while travelling as it is my phone not Tim’s that automatic connects to the cars bluetooth not Tim’s. Yes his car is synced in but it is mine the connects when we are both in the car I think this is because I drive the car most thus it is generally my phone connected to the bluetooth. Also a good idea but really I have no problem with heavy fines and loss of licence why do we have to have the technology, why can’t people just grow up and do the right thing.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber insulted people while he is here, because he didn’t want selfies taken with all and not nice but I wouldn’t want people crapping me and taking a selfie with me so I do get that at times someone like him would feel his personal space is being invaded. Just to add I am not a Bieber fan yeah some of his songs are ok but wouldn’t call myself a fan. I also know that a lot of famous people can be and act like assholes and they should know what happens when you are famous but still I get that at times they lose their shit just like any other person.

Leo is having the day off school as his voice is still not great coming and going and I really don’t see the point in sending him, I will let him have another day to recover. At this stage I am unsure of how Tim is yesterday he felt pretty sick, taking cold tablets and sleeping a lot he said if he is still not feeling better he said he will call in sick today so we will see when he gets up. He is on afternoon starts so has time to see how he feels once he wakes up.


The CSIRO has developed a telehealth device that older people can use in their own home to monitor their health they conducted a 12 month trial of the device. The use of telehealth systems and technologies to provide patient care have long been touted as a solution to ease the burden on Australia’s health system, and a recent study completed by the CSIRO has provided the most compelling evidence yet of their benefits

The 12-month trial was conducted in conjunction with a number of partners and involved trialling telehealth systems with 287 patients.

Participants were provided with a telehealth device that included videoconferencing capabilities with clinicians, messaging features and the delivery of clinical and study-specific questionnaires.

Depending on the conditions the patients had, the devices monitored their ECG, heart rate, spirometry, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, body weight and body temperature, and glucometry were also deployed

Sounds like a good idea, if it helps keep people out of hospital and in their own homes.

The Blue Screen of Death and a Sick Leo

Hello everyone, hope you all are having a good weekend, as usual I have been up since 5am done my morning exercises and have put the silverside on to cook and have peeled the spuds and cut them up they are sitting in water ready to be cooked later.

If you follow me on good ole Facebook you would know that my computer came up with the blue screen of death on Friday so I am using Tim’s computer, Michael (Kathy’s partner) is coming over with Kathy for lunch today and will look at it, he is the IT guy in the family. I am not holding out a lot of hope but who knows.

Told Tim if I do need a new computer I will not be wanting a $900 one like what he got, in the time I have had my laptop Tim has had 3 computers each one more expensive. I am using my tablet for Facebook and to look stuff up online but for blogging I prefer a computer. It is Tim’s computer that I am using now

I said to Tim yesterday that he used to complain about the amount of stuff around my computer he is twice as bad I had to clean off his desk enough to use it. Because Tim has a large screen he sits further back then I like also he has better eyesight then me so is able to see the screen better.

Natasha and her dad are bickering about money again, so she will not be coming today for lunch she needs to get her knickers out of a twist and see things from her dad’s point of view.

Yesterday I had both Blain and Leo here for a few hours why you wonder well Jessica and Kelli had a girls night along with Heather (Kelli’s sister) and another friend Cassie, Blain was picked up by his dad after his father finished work and Daemon was with his nanna, my sister Sue.

Speaking of Leo he is a sick little boy not that he was acting that sick yesterday when Blain was here, but he is sick, he sounds sick as in had a croaky voice not that croaky this morning as this morning he has no voice at all. So I am expecting him to have tomorrow off school.

I am having hot cross buns for breakfast, a brand I have not had before and I am not keen on them they have very little fruit in them and taste kind bland won’t be buying them again. Yesterday I had a headache for most of the day and even though I had Leo here, his mum came over to use my thermometer to check if he had a temp and when it came time to go home for a few hours before she wanted me to watch him he didn’t want to go. So I had him since midday, anyway because I had a headache Leo let me have a nap he said he would just watch TV while I slept which is what he did.

A post for this Thursday about stuff, not important stuff just stuff

Hello everyone, it is 4pm on Thursday afternoon and I am at last getting around to writing a post started it this morning but with one thing or another I forgot about it and just remembered the clothes in the dryer so will have to wait a bit longer.

Ok back again after standing at the dryer for only 5 minutes I was in a lot of pain so ended up having to bring the laundry in to fold while sitting down. I like to get the clothes out of the dryer as soon as it is finished as I do not like ironing and if I get Tim’s work shirts out straight away they don’t need to be ironed well they will pass.

This morning I heard a report about overweight children, seems some idiot, yes I think they are idiots want teachers are too report fat children to welfare agencies NO, just no not a good an idea teachers have too much to do as it is without having to do this as well. Yes overweight children is an issue but it isn’t in my opinion black and white, there could be medical reasons for the child being heavier then they should, it just doesn’t sit wrong with me how overweight are they talking about and what one teacher may think is overweight another will think is ok.

I know some children who once they got to a certain age would become more interested in walking to school which caused them to lose weight and some get into sport as they get a bit older and that helps them lose weight and be fitter. I feel that the government keeps expecting teachers to do more and more report this, report that, tell parents they are doing this or that wrong and lets be honest here generally speaking most parents are loving and caring and doing the best the know how to do. They do not need teachers making them feel like they are failures.

Also heard that there is a call for all renters to be allowed to keep pets, this is also wrong the landlord should have a right to have no pets as pets can damage property if the renters do not take care of the property, I am in favour of being able to have pets but the landlord should be able to say no if they don’t want them in their property.

Last night I had Leo as I do with it being Wednesday night, for those who don’t know I have him Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday nights while his mum is at Tafe anyway last night there was a school disco and he wanted to go but I didn’t have money nor did I feel like going out so I told him he would have to give it a miss. This news put him in a right mood his mood lasted about 30-45 minutes after which he came to me and said “sorry nanna for my behaviour” I said it was ok, he said “I love you but I am still mad with you” I said that is ok he is allowed to be mad, he then gave me a hug and went to his room turning and saying again, “love you nanna, but I am still mad”. I was happy that he came and apologised as not all children would do so without being told to.

While at the school this afternoon I got a headache which I still have even though I have taken pain relief, tonight I will be home alone for a bit after Jessica takes Leo home and before Tim gets home and tomorrow night should be the same then on Saturday I will have Leo during the afternoon and again that night his mum has a girls night planned will also have Blain for a bit in the afternoon his dad will pick him up after he finishes work at around 6.30pm as Jessica’s girls night is with Kelli.

Ok I am posting this now hope all had a good day or have a good day depending on what time you are reading this.

Aboriginal Sites and Rock Climbing

Did you know there are over 1000 sites of Aboriginal Culture and heritage in the areas of Sydney known as North Sydney, Lane Cove, Willoughby, Manly and the Northern Beaches Council.handstencil

Many of these sites are found in the cliffs and crags of the Hawkesbury Sandstone rock formations that make up much of the wider Sydney area.

The sites are of significance to Aboriginal people because they are evidence of the past Aboriginal occupation and are valued as a link with their traditional culture. There is also great scientific value in these sites. By studying the shells, stones and bones, we can learn a great deal about past environments, what plants and animals were used by people, what tools they used and how they survived.


Sites are under threat every day from development, vandalism and natural erosion. Recreational activities like rock climbing can also do irreparable damage. The sites cannot be replaced, and once they are destroyed, they are lost forever.

Even though rock climbing is a relatively low impact sport, some of the methods used can be damaging to Aboriginal heritage.

  • Putting bolts into rock leaves permanent scars and will permanently deface the site.

  • Climbing routes that pass over or adjacent rock art results in scuffing and wear of the art surfaces and loss of pigments.

  • Chalk adheres to rock surfaces and can damage rock art.

  • Chalk marks on an Aboriginal site is aesthetically displeasing and deeply hurtful to Indigenous people.

  • Repeated use of a site leads to erosion of archaeological deposits such as shell middens.


As all Aboriginal sites in NSW are protected under the National Parks and Wildlife Act it is an offence to damage or destroy them so climbing on and around these sites is against the law. Sandstone overhangs have high potential for Aboriginal heritage and therefore rock climbing can be seen as a high risk activity that could impact an Aboriginal site.

Rock climbing is restricted in many National Parks and Council reserves for this and other reasons. Rangers and Compliance Officers will take actions to prosecute climbers if Aboriginal sites are being harmed.

In the news today

Ok today we have some things I saw on Sunrise this morning, first up there was talk about how the little green and red men at traffic lights you know what I mean you cross when the little man goes from red to green well they are now going to change some lights from little men to little women in skirts, why, really why I don’t understand why councils or government or who ever it is who has decided to do that would waste money changing the lights to me it is just a huge waste of money.

I think most people would feel living in a gated community would be pretty safe they are protect from the bad guys but on the news this morning a man was killed by his brother so when the bad guy is your brother you are not so safe.

A Melbourne mother has spoken out after she and her infant baby were told to leave a city bowling alley because the venue was serving alcohol, she wanted to catch up with friends and thought Strike Bowling would be a better place to take her infant daughter than the pub.

We could have taken her to the pub, ironically that would have been legal, but I thought a less suitable environment to have a three-month-old baby in,” she said.

So the new mum and her family joined a group of friends at the bowling alley in central Melbourne on Friday night. But the fun lasted just half an hour after the group was evicted under liquor licensing laws when the venue started serving alcohol at 8pm.

The reason for the law being in existence is to prevent minors from purchasing alcohol,”

Clearly there’s no chance a three-month-old would be drinking anything other than milk.”Strike Bowling bans anyone under 18 from the premises once the bar opens, which is designed “to offer a protected and safe experience”, according to company policy.

Strike Bowling did refund the family’s game and has invited them back to bowl free of charge, I don’t know if I would be going back any time soon if it was me.

Just another Monday

Well here we are at another Monday, so since I don’t post over the weekend Monday’s post is just letting you know what happened over the weekend. So what happened, nothing much, I spent a lot of the time sleeping. Yeah I just didn’t feel 100%, very tired and just not right can’t put my finger on what was wrong, I found myself needed to go back to bed a few hours after I got up on both Saturday and Sunday.

In fact Saturday saw me go to bed for the night at 5.30pm in the afternoon, I was watching telly with Tim and found myself falling asleep so decided to go to bed because I am not like some people (Tim) and just allow myself to fall asleep in front of the telly. If I find my eyes closing I take myself off to bed.

Sunday wasn’t much better at 10 am I went back to bed for a couple of hours please note I get up at 5am each morning so at 10am I had been up for 5 hours and done an hour of exercise on my Wi Fit as I do each morning. I didn’t go to bed too early around 7.30pm which is about average for me I am a early to bed person.

It rained all weekend so all the laundry went into the dryer and Kathy even came over to use the dryer to just finish her clothes off she needed to make sure Sydney-May’s school clothes were dried ready for school today.

It is not raining today but there is a brisk wind which makes wearing shorts leaving your legs cold so I am wearing light weight long pants today with socks because my feet felt cold without the socks.

So that is my weekend, today is the start of another week and as usual I hope it will be a good week not hot, not cold and not too wet, although before I go I will mention on Friday it pissed down rain most of the day and I got pretty wet when I got home getting the shopping out of the car.

Five Things Friday


Hello Friday here is this weeks five things:


32kgs up 3kgs (in 6 mths)

135cms up 17cms (in 6mths)

Blood pressure 112/62

Medication no change needed at this time

So as you may have told I took Leo to his 6 monthly appointment with his paediatrician for the first time the appointment was held at the (JHH)John Hunter Hospital children’s apartment it used to be held at the old Wallsend Hospital’s Kaleidoscope Unit but the JHH is closer to me so I am ok with the appointment being held there.