Good Morning all, it is still morning here,just

Good morning all here we are at another Monday another start to the working or school week I am up dressed and exercised and now waiting for the boys to arrive yes boys both Blain and Leo will be here and I hope I do not have a repeat of last Monday.

Didn’t do much in the way of blogging over the weekend as Tim wanted to use his computer and who am I to tell him he can’t did manage to read some blogs each day around maybe 20-25 blogs but didn’t get back here to read comments nor write anything but I guess that is life.

This morning after I take the boys to school I have to go and do a few things for mum as I do each pension day for her,banking money into Dawson’s account for her to pay for his Chrisco which for those who don’t know is a Christmas Hamper company. He orders gifts for his parents and grandparents and since he doesn’t get pocket money mum is ok giving him the money for this.

Dawson is for the most part a good kid well he isn’t actually a kid any more he will be 18 in a few days on the 1st April. There will be family party for him next weekend at his dad’s house which I will be attending.

Many may have heard of Cyclone Debbie just for those who do not know it will be no where near me it is in the top end of the country in a different state but it is suppose to be a very destructive cyclone and I hope it doesn’t do as much damage as they are predicting.

Ok have taken the boys to school and now I am hoping to get this finished and posted it is now 11.30 and I started this at 7.30. The boys were well behaved this morning although when the school rang at 10am I was oh no what’s happened but all good just rang to tell me Leo needs more medication by Wednesday so I rang the chemist and arranged that will have to pick it up tomorrow and take it to the school.

I went to the GP and asked about weight loss surgery she has referred me to a guy in Gosford about 45 minutes away I think anyway the GP told me the surgery will be between $6,000 and $8,000 my sister said her sister in-law and a couple of other people she knows have had it and thought it was about $7,000.

So on Saturday night Tim went online and enquired about health cover and joined a health fund which was going to cost him $57 a week and I would have to wait a year to have the surgery. So I worked out he would be paying around $3,000 in premiums and our out of pocket would still be around $3,500 according to the doctors website so we would only be saving between $500 and $1,500. I told Tim I thought it made more sense to just save the money and have the surgery in a years time, so he will ring up and cancel the health cover in the next week or so you have a month to cancel if you change your mind.

Well that is it for this morning

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