On Sunrise this morning

This morning on Sunrise I saw and heard the following stories.

More women are dying of heart attack then men because women don’t generally get the “Hollywood” style of heart attack where there is a lot of chest pain, women are more likely to feel nausea and back pain or stomach pains. It seems that women are 50% more likely to die of a heart attack then a man,not only do we have different symptoms but we ignore the symptoms for longer and just carry on because we don’t get that terrible chest pain you see in the movies and tv shows. There have been many times when I have had chest pain but always assume it is just ingestion and do nothing other then take a Mylanta tablet and hope it goes away. Does this come as a surpise to me……….Nope

There is a lot of salt in bread and some breads have more salt then a packet of potato chips,and it isn’t just white bread but wholemeal and some flat breads as well, also doesn’t come as a surprise to me.

Yesterday afternoon there was what reported as a seize in Tights Hill which is in town about 15-20minutes from where I live, a guy who the day before stabbed three people unknown to him and robbed a store was on the roof of an apartment complex he was on the damn roof for 17 hours he came down around 5am this morning, this hard ass bitch doesn’t get why they had to spend so long negotiating with fella but I get you can’t shoot the dickhead because that would be wrong. The residents living around the area had a terrible night as they had to leave their home and wasn’t allowed back till around 6am that would have pissed me off.

Seems that people prefer a good old book with pages over Ebooks this also doesn’t come as a surprise I prefer a normal book over and Ebook you don’t have to charge book and you can carry it everywhere.

Days after a mid-air emergency that saw a propeller fly off a Rex plane bound for Sydney, the airline has taken action and grounded five similar model aircraft. The propeller was found close to homes yesterday not were they thought it would be, it had to be winched out as it was 150kgs in weight and some were surprised it was found so quickly.

That is about all I have for today’s post, more to come tomorrow.


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