My morning

Well here we are at another day, can’t say the day started off that great well the getting up and exercising was find and I even managed to put my knee high stocking on without much trouble but around 8am things went south.

The boys (Blain & Leo) got into a punch up which was annoying and frustrating and made me yell but what really made me see red and lose it with Blain was when Leo had fallen to the floor and Blain started kicking him in the ribs. As far as I am concerned kicking a person when they are down is a cowardly thing to do, as Jessica said when I told her if they were drunk it would be understandable or if one was frightened and fighting for their life kicking someone would be understandable but this was two little boys fighting over nothing really so such an action was uncalled for.

When I dropped Leo off at school he said he was sorry that he upset me and told me he loved me, and could never hate me, the hate me bit was because as we were leaving this morning I stopped at the top of the driveway and asked if one of the boys would get out and get the catalogues off the letter boxes and neither would so in a huff I got out and said sometimes it is as if you hate me. I was just in a mood.

After taking the boys to school I went and had my mammogram done and on the way home I rang and spoke to Natasha and explained to her while I lost it with Blain even though she was on the phone to Blain while all this fighting went down. I wanted to explain things in a calm manner she said she will be speaking to Blain about kicking when she gets him from school this afternoon as she also agreed you do not kick someone when they are on the ground.

She also said that Blain will not be going to is mates place after school today because of his behaviour this morning.

Natasha said she is having a lot of attitude from Blain on Friday mornings and Mondays after he gets back from his dad’s place the problem on Fridays is because he doesn’t want to go to his dads and he often returns in a right mood as well.

I think the fact that Blain knows his dad doesn’t like Steve and thinks Natasha is being stupid for supporting him has something to do with why Blain doesn’t want to be with his dad, Blain like most children want to see his mum happy. Also Jono is very strict and Blain has to do chores and homework and and can’t get away with stuff like he does when he is with his mum.


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