Bad Behaviour

Seems Aussie kids are some of the worst behaved in the western world, teachers are complaining that they are unable to discipline and control children there is a call for parents to discipline children and I have to agree I often see some terrible behaved children but a big part of the problem is how do parents and teachers discipline you are not allowed to spank, you cannot yell at them, in fact some so called expects say you should sit the child down and calmly tell them what they are doing wrong and send them to a time out for a few minutes. Teachers have it harder in my opinion the list of all they can’t do in way of discipline is so damn long they have no idea what to do. Thanks to the do-gooders of the world, kids these days have no respect and no consequences for their hideous behaviour. Parents need to parent and stop trying to be “friends” with their kids.

Ok Justin Bieber is in the news again after he got caught giving a mouth full of abuse to someone who yelled out to him to say something to his fans while he was chillin in what was suppose to be a secluded location. His response was a mouth full of foul language and to give the finger to the person not good, yeah I get he wants his space and privacy but he is a public figure and these things happen he should have just turned his back and said and did nothing, not good for his young fans to see him carry on in such a manner.

Leo is acting crazy by laying behind me while I sit here typing, he said to tell you all I am his swag nanna and you cannot have me.

I have now returned after taking Leo to school, it is a cool wet day outside this morning.

In Queensland a dad is annoyed that the parents with prams parking signs show a woman with a baby not a man and a woman and mentioned how a lot of men get strange looks when they take their child into a parents room to take them to the toilet or change their nappy as if this is something only women can do, I say way to go, women want men to be more involved but when they try the get weird looks as if they are doing something wrong.

I forgot to mention that yesterday was my niece Kelli’s birthday she is now I think about 23, I call her my sweetheart this started a few years back when her and Daemon (her son) lived here with me and Tim, Daemon was only 2 at the time and now he is 5 and going to school. Kelli is my sister Sue’s youngest child.

Well that is all for today’s post.

7 thoughts on “Bad Behaviour

  1. Australia certainly doesn’t have a monopoly on poorly behaved kids. Some parents seem to think it’s OK for their offspring to run amok – irrespective of other people or any safety considerations. And if you criticise, you’re out of touch and want to deprive the little dears of their freedom. As you say, it is a matter of respect – and that cuts both ways. In many ways, I had more freedom when I was growing up than kids do today – disappeared all day and there were no mobile phones.

    1. Oh yeah I have memories of riding my bike all over the place, no helmet and no mobile phone being gone for ages. Children who grow up thinking they can do whatever they want when they want often find it hard to hold down a job as their boss things they can tell them what to do and when to do it and they are not used to that

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