The Blue Screen of Death and a Sick Leo

Hello everyone, hope you all are having a good weekend, as usual I have been up since 5am done my morning exercises and have put the silverside on to cook and have peeled the spuds and cut them up they are sitting in water ready to be cooked later.

If you follow me on good ole Facebook you would know that my computer came up with the blue screen of death on Friday so I am using Tim’s computer, Michael (Kathy’s partner) is coming over with Kathy for lunch today and will look at it, he is the IT guy in the family. I am not holding out a lot of hope but who knows.

Told Tim if I do need a new computer I will not be wanting a $900 one like what he got, in the time I have had my laptop Tim has had 3 computers each one more expensive. I am using my tablet for Facebook and to look stuff up online but for blogging I prefer a computer. It is Tim’s computer that I am using now

I said to Tim yesterday that he used to complain about the amount of stuff around my computer he is twice as bad I had to clean off his desk enough to use it. Because Tim has a large screen he sits further back then I like also he has better eyesight then me so is able to see the screen better.

Natasha and her dad are bickering about money again, so she will not be coming today for lunch she needs to get her knickers out of a twist and see things from her dad’s point of view.

Yesterday I had both Blain and Leo here for a few hours why you wonder well Jessica and Kelli had a girls night along with Heather (Kelli’s sister) and another friend Cassie, Blain was picked up by his dad after his father finished work and Daemon was with his nanna, my sister Sue.

Speaking of Leo he is a sick little boy not that he was acting that sick yesterday when Blain was here, but he is sick, he sounds sick as in had a croaky voice not that croaky this morning as this morning he has no voice at all. So I am expecting him to have tomorrow off school.

I am having hot cross buns for breakfast, a brand I have not had before and I am not keen on them they have very little fruit in them and taste kind bland won’t be buying them again. Yesterday I had a headache for most of the day and even though I had Leo here, his mum came over to use my thermometer to check if he had a temp and when it came time to go home for a few hours before she wanted me to watch him he didn’t want to go. So I had him since midday, anyway because I had a headache Leo let me have a nap he said he would just watch TV while I slept which is what he did.

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