A post for this Thursday about stuff, not important stuff just stuff

Hello everyone, it is 4pm on Thursday afternoon and I am at last getting around to writing a post started it this morning but with one thing or another I forgot about it and just remembered the clothes in the dryer so will have to wait a bit longer.

Ok back again after standing at the dryer for only 5 minutes I was in a lot of pain so ended up having to bring the laundry in to fold while sitting down. I like to get the clothes out of the dryer as soon as it is finished as I do not like ironing and if I get Tim’s work shirts out straight away they don’t need to be ironed well they will pass.

This morning I heard a report about overweight children, seems some idiot, yes I think they are idiots want teachers are too report fat children to welfare agencies NO, just no not a good an idea teachers have too much to do as it is without having to do this as well. Yes overweight children is an issue but it isn’t in my opinion black and white, there could be medical reasons for the child being heavier then they should, it just doesn’t sit wrong with me how overweight are they talking about and what one teacher may think is overweight another will think is ok.

I know some children who once they got to a certain age would become more interested in walking to school which caused them to lose weight and some get into sport as they get a bit older and that helps them lose weight and be fitter. I feel that the government keeps expecting teachers to do more and more report this, report that, tell parents they are doing this or that wrong and lets be honest here generally speaking most parents are loving and caring and doing the best the know how to do. They do not need teachers making them feel like they are failures.

Also heard that there is a call for all renters to be allowed to keep pets, this is also wrong the landlord should have a right to have no pets as pets can damage property if the renters do not take care of the property, I am in favour of being able to have pets but the landlord should be able to say no if they don’t want them in their property.

Last night I had Leo as I do with it being Wednesday night, for those who don’t know I have him Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday nights while his mum is at Tafe anyway last night there was a school disco and he wanted to go but I didn’t have money nor did I feel like going out so I told him he would have to give it a miss. This news put him in a right mood his mood lasted about 30-45 minutes after which he came to me and said “sorry nanna for my behaviour” I said it was ok, he said “I love you but I am still mad with you” I said that is ok he is allowed to be mad, he then gave me a hug and went to his room turning and saying again, “love you nanna, but I am still mad”. I was happy that he came and apologised as not all children would do so without being told to.

While at the school this afternoon I got a headache which I still have even though I have taken pain relief, tonight I will be home alone for a bit after Jessica takes Leo home and before Tim gets home and tomorrow night should be the same then on Saturday I will have Leo during the afternoon and again that night his mum has a girls night planned will also have Blain for a bit in the afternoon his dad will pick him up after he finishes work at around 6.30pm as Jessica’s girls night is with Kelli.

Ok I am posting this now hope all had a good day or have a good day depending on what time you are reading this.


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