Reality Shows No Bloody Way Give Me A Good Pretend Show Instead

Ok I don’t watch reality tv shows because they are so fake and whenever I see an add for The Real Housewives no matter what city they are in, I get annoyed I am a real housewife, they are so fake.

I just don’t see the point in these shows, maybe they are entertaining to some people just not me. I have never seen any of the Survivor shows or I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

Now I do watch The Great British Bake Off and The Great Australian Bake Off but they are the only two shows I watch.

Generally I like a good make believe show, now some people may say that they are fake shows just like reality shows but reality shows are fake shows pretending to be real, pretend shows are just that pretend. You can lose your self in them for an hour or so, just like you can a movie, I also don’t mind shows that a loosely based on fact, you know a show that is about something that really happened but you know that it isn’t exactly how it happened things have been changed and spiced up to make it more entertaining but still kinda true.

I generally don’t like to see a movie or tv show based or inspired by a book, if I have read the book first because the show isn’t the same as the book. I have read many of the Murdoch Mysteries and the characters in the book are nothing like the ones on the tv show and I love the show and the way the characters are in the show over the way they are in the books. Of course I saw the show before reading the books.

Let’s talk about news shows, generally I can give them a miss, there was at time watching the evening news was a must and it still is but I usually only watch the first 15 minutes then you have half and hour of sport followed by the weather which I like to watch so maybe 20 minutes out of the hour long news is watched.

Of a morning I watch Sunrise a morning news and entertainment show but only about 15 minutes of that is fresh news they they just keep repeating themselves over and over for the rest of the time. I like to know what is happening in the country and world.


4 thoughts on “Reality Shows No Bloody Way Give Me A Good Pretend Show Instead

  1. I’m totally with you on reality shows. I generally only watch the ones that are documentary type shows, like Deadliest Catch. And there’s a new one I just found about Antarctica. I will admit that I have been watching The Bachelor this season, mostly because it is so incredibly stupid and makes me feel better about myself. But otherwise, I can’t even handle the Real Housewives and don’t even get me started on anything Kardashian related.

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