About my mum


Hello everyone as you may have noticed I didn’t do a post yesterday, it was one of those days when things seemed to get away from me, after taking Leo to school I called in to pick up a form mum wanted me to hand into the RTA now called Service NSW, it went from being called the RTA to being the RMS and now is Service NSW and some of you are thinking ok Jo-Anne but what is this place, well it is the place well RTA stood for Roads Transport Authority so it is where you go for your licence and many other things. The form mum wanted me to hand in was her yearly medical form that has to be filled in because she is diabetic. When I handed the form in I was told mum’s licence had been suspended because she was late handing in the form but it is all sorted out now and the licence is no longer suspended. The woman at the RTA said it was all good as mum hadn’t been driving anyway, which she hasn’t but how did the woman at the RTA know that………….

Anyway when I got to mum’s my sister Sandra was outside she said she was thinking about calling the ambos again as mum wasn’t good but the nurse was due there by 9am and she thought we would see what the nurse thought but she was pretty sure a trip to hospital would be in order.

Well I go in and mum says “hi Jo” I asked if she knew why I was there, she said yes and then said her urine was on the cupboard and I had to take it to the office at Dawson’s school both me and Sandra started to laugh and I said I didn’t think the school wanted her pee. She then said she knew that and I was there for…………….I had to remind her why I was there.

So the nurse turns up and took her temp and blood pressure and asked some questions and tested her urine and said mum had a UTI and than she rang the doctor and it was decided that she needed to go to hospital. When told that mum said NO she wasn’t going she could be treated at home and the nurse touched mums arm and in a gentle voice that it wasn’t an option she had to go to hospital.

Sandra went with her to the hospital with mum and stayed there all day with her, mum isn’t happy but she knows she needs to be where she can get better faster at hospital she is getting very strong antibiotics via a drip can’t do that at home.

So once again Sandra has stepped up and been the one to care for mum and my brother Dave is doing a fair bit too, me and Jeannie and Sue not so much but Jeannie works and Sue is busy with her family and me well I am just useless. Well that is how I feel.

After I take Leo to school today I am going to go over and see mum last time she was in hospital I didn’t visit her as I didn’t have a car and it was school holidays and I had young children each day but I will go today.


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