Leo and Swimming

Do you like swimming?

If your school had a swimming carnival would you go?

I ask because yesterday it was Leo’s swimming carnival and it was a stinking hot day so you would expect that Leo would like to go to his swimming carnival but no, he out right refused to go. Now when I took Leo to school, I realised to that I forgot to take his swimming gear so I rang Jessica and told her to get stuff and take it to him at the school. However, she said she didn’t have the clothes he needed and wanted me to take the clothes to him so I got pissed and threw stuff in a bag and went and got Jessica and we both went to the school but because there was no buses there Jessica said that the buses must have already left. So instead we went to the pool but he wasn’t there they hadn’t arrived so Jessica rang the school and the buses were just getting ready to leave.

When the buses arrived we couldn’t find Leo so she went and found his teacher who said that Leo wasn’t there he refused to go so we spent 45 minutes waiting at the pool for nothing.

Leo’s school also has swimming lessons for sport this term and when asked if he would like to do swimming for sport he said NO he doesn’t want to he doesn’t like swimming, so that was $80 that Jessica saved.

Oh yeah we had paid the $8 for the swimming carnival and are hoping to either get that money back or have it transferred over to something else.

When my girls were at school they also didn’t like going to the swimming carnival or the sport carnival just like their mum I also didn’t go to and of the carnivals during my school years.


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