Heard while watching Sunrise

On Sunrise this morning there was a lot of talk about the Melbourne police trying to move on some homeless people if you just saw the story you would think, talk about heavy handed and no compassion for the homeless because some of the news reports only showed the pictures and didn’t explain that first most of the protesters are not homeless but are people who turn up to protest anything and everything. Also not mentioned on some reports is that all the homeless have been offered accommodation and those being forced to move on refused the accommodation and then we also need to remember the police officers assaulted during the operation.

I get annoyed when some reporters only report part of the facts and make things out to be worse then they are, I don’t watch much in the way of news reports as you can see the same story on three different channels and get three different set of facts and you have to figure out what is the truth.

Seems there is a new skin patch that tells you if you are getting sunburnt it is still in the early stages and not widely available but it sounds like a great idea, if it helps prevent sunburn.

There is a new drug available for those like myself that have type 2 diabetes as it lowers sugar levels and helps if you have heart problems, sounds like it is a good thing, but I forgot to jot down the name of the drug.

Another non news story was about Beyonce is having twins, so interesting for some but not for me, I really don’t care.

Yesterday there was the story of the man who threw his 7 month old baby out of a window because of a fire, this happened in Blacktown the baby girl was thrown from the window her parents were woken by thick smoke filling their second-floor unit and made a desperate decision to throw baby Nevaeh Rose out the window to waiting neighbours who caught the baby with a blanket. Nevaeh is Heaven spelt backwards.

One of her rescuers, Tony Finn, has insisted he is not a hero and said “it’s just something anyone would do in that time of crisis”.

“We used the blanket to catch her when they chucked her down for us,” he said.

“[We] caught her like a football – pretty much just arms out and pulled her back in.”

2 thoughts on “Heard while watching Sunrise

  1. Oh, yeah, the television news is hot garbage, sensationalistic and lazy. The great journalists are still out there, but are harder to find in the din of the tidal wave of half-truths and outright deceptions. Good luck to us all. By the way, I spent the last bit of this post before Googling it thinking, “oh no, please don’t let ‘Blacktown’ be a racial slur.” Whew, I am relieved.

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