Ok have wanted to write a post since Friday and here it is Sunday morning and I am at last doing one this is because Friday afternoon I felt drained of energy and pretty much the same feeling yesterday afternoon. This morning when my alarm went off I couldn’t wake up I was that tired that I didn’t get up till 7.30am, two hours after the alarm went off but it is Sunday so that is ok.


Yesterday Jessica, Kelli and myself took the boys Blain, Leo & Daemon to what is called a pop up water park which they loved, I saw the tickets on Groupon and bought them but the girls paid for them they were $12.50 a saving of $7.50 we bought 4 tickets on each for the boys and one for Kelli Jessica and I didn’t go on the rides or slides or get in the pool so we didn’t need tickets. For those who don’t know a pop up park is a temporary amusement park set up in vacant lots for usually only a month or so often during school holidays, the aim is to get children out of the house and away form electronics and doing stuff. The park we took the boys to was about a 45 minute drive from us in Salt Ash.


Friday saw Tim having the day off he had an appointment to have an ultrasound done of his stomach because his last blood test showed a problem with his liver, I have a problem with my liver it is a fatty liver and I expect that is what the ultrasound will show is the problem with Tim’s liver.

Jessica was telling me that she also has a fatty liver and she has small kidneys for a woman her age but at this stage they are functioning ok so not a problem.


Now that reminds me of mum, when she saw the specialist last Wednesday she was told that since she didn’t have an type of stroke the specialist didn’t know why she was referred to him, he did, however, tell her that he believes one of the reasons for her delirium was the fact that her kidney function was done the lever should be around 60, when she went to the hospital suffering from delirium it was 20 and her last blood test had it at 40. He told her that with the level being so low it meant that her body wasn’t flushing the medication out of her body completely thus meant she was getting a build up and that was causing an overdose affect. So he said that her GP needs to investigate that and try and discover the reason for it and do something to fix it or counter it or whatever they do. I reminded mum that she has those tumors on her adrenal gland and she should check that, that isn’t causing her problems now what she has is a benign tumour.

Tim wants to go over to my parents place and I asked him if he needed me to go with him or not as I want to vacuum out and wash the kitchen floor and I have laundry to do and well as over stuff, he said no he doesn’t need me but what about Jessica’s car. We have to take her car back to her, I said I don’t think she is doing anything today so we should be ale to take it back to her after lunch and if she wants it she will ring me and I will take it over earlier.


We have her car as yesterday we took my car to the pop up park as I have more fuel and when we were going home after we dropped Blain off at his mums, Leo was unwell we had to pull over so he could throw up and she felt like she just wanted to go home so that is what she did so we will return her car to her today.



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