Monday’s News

Good morning world, it is Monday here and suppose to be another pretty hot day but as I start this it is only around 20°c anyway I am going to share some of the things I heard while I am watching Sunrise (morning news show)

First up they were talking about how young children in kindergarten are being given medication for ADHD, well as the grandmother of a child with ADHD I can tell you that it wasn’t that easy to get Leo medicated. He went through a lot of being observed by professionals and talking to specialists and we tried a number of things to alter his behaviour before he was prescribed medication. Leo off medication is a little boy who is bouncing off the walls and can’t control his temper and our bursts at all.

Also on Sunrise was a lot of talk about people chucking a sickie on Friday so they can have a long weekend, Thursday is Australia Day so a public holiday and they reckon people will be calling in sick on Friday. Now Tim isn’t working Friday but he has put in for either a RDO or an annual day off so not chucking a sickie at all.

Also saw that some people want to change from calling people overweight to overfat, what the hell No that is just wrong, as my grandsons would tell you fat isn’t a nice word to call people. Yes I often call myself a short fat middle aged woman and that is fine I am the one saying it.

Yet again in the news there was a story about someone crashing a car into a house, this seems to be happening at least once a month and it is amazing that not more people are hurt when this happens, how fast must people be going to end up in a house.

Of course Trump is in the news again, because he tweets without thinking and then had to re-tweet to clarify his first tweet, now the second tweet was only done in my opinion because one of his advisers told him to do so, although strangely enough I agree with the first tweet, if all these people now protesting had in fact voted maybe he wouldn’t have been elected.

However, how on earth he could thing there was a record breaking turn out for his inauguration, maybe he had a moment when he confused the protesters with the inauguration turn out, or he is just living in a fantasy land of denial.

Madonna really should think before she speaks also, saying you have thought about blowing up the White House is just stupid and there are disturbed people out there who could think hey Madonna wants to blow up the White House so I will do it for her.

Just heard that there is going to be some changers to the bail hearings in Victoria after that guy who went berserk and ran people down the other day because he was out on bail and his bail hearing wasn’t heard by a magistrate but by someone who wasn’t a magistrate, but a bail justice, these people have no formal training so why on earth they would be able to hear a bail hearing and decided if the person could be released on bail. I don’t know much but I know that, that doesn’t sound right. Seems if a person was arrested on a weekend or at night their hearing would be heard by a bail justice as the magistrates wouldn’t be working now that is going to change.

Yesterday I did go to Speers Point Park for Sydney-May’s birthday party it was a nice afternoon Leo had a good time and I think Sydney-May liked her presents not only was her mum’s family there also her dad and his mum came and Michael’s parents and sister in-law and her children came as well as a friend of Sydney-May’s and the girls mum so a good turn out.


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