Sunday Stuff

Good morning everyone, just looked at the clock and it is still morning, in fact it is only just after 10am but feels later, I had a sleep in this morning didn’t get up till 6.30am although I was awake mostly from 5.30am when the alarm went off.

Tim is at work and I am home alone, just had Natasha and Steve call in to borrow money and pick up her coffee table and she took my vacuum to do her house with. She used to use her work vacuum but has lost her job, her boss was going off his brain at her about something and she decided she didn’t need that stress and to be spoken to in such a manner so she quit, she will find another job but is under such stress with things at the moment and being under paid and treated like shit is something she can do without at this stage.

It is starting to get hot here again today it is around 28°c at the moment and I have the front and back sliding doors open and the ceiling fan going as well so at the moment don’t need the air con on.

Mum is doing much better, and even went to Charlestown Square on Friday for breakfast, although that pissed my sister off and she was so mad with me she was hitting me because she felt it was my fault that mum went out. She felt I was encouraging mum to go shopping, I wasn’t but I understand that mum feels like she is losing her independence and is always stuck at home, I told mum when I spoke to her on Thursday night if she went to Charlie she should use a motorised scooter which can be hired free of charged from the customer service desk in the square and I wanted dad to get it and take it to mum at the car and have her only move from the car to the scooter so she wasn’t trying to walk. Of course mum did walk from the car to Donut King were we have breakfast, which I wasn’t happy about.

Sandra was so mad at me she said I didn’t understand how hard it is and all the physically and emotional stress she is under looking after mum and dad, she is right I don’t understand it as I am not the one dealing with them day in and day out. However, because she is young and able she (Sandra) doesn’t understand what it feels like to feel you are losing your independence.

Today is my granddaughter Sydney-May’s 7th birthday, her mum is having a small party for her this afternoon at Speers Point Park, which is a large park about 10 minutes from me, Tim has taken the car to work so I have asked Jessica if she would pick me up and drive me out there, she said she would.


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