It’s Tuesday & I Went Shopping For School Clothes For Leo and Other Dribble

Hello everyone, another stinking hot day here, but thankfully it has gotten too hot too early as I start this at 7.45am it is nice, I have the front and back doors open again and soon I will be going in to change my clothes so I can go shopping. It is time to go shopping for school pants for Leo and school shoes, yes we have a couple of pairs of school shoes but he goes though 4 or 5 pairs of shoes a year. Now I know many of you are wondering why his mother isn’t going shopping for his school stuff, well she would if I told her to do so but I am going to Kmart today anyway and don’t mind doing it for her and she will be the one paying for the stuff.

Ok here I am again it is now 10.15am, I am home and the air conditioners are going so the house should soon cool down. I have gone and done my shopping that I wanted to do, I bought Leo 2 new pairs of long school pants and another pair of school shoes so he now has 3 pairs of school shoes, hopefully they will see us through the first half of the year.

Now as you all know it gets stinking bloody hot here, today is going to be around 41°c at the moment in is about 30°c anyway not the point. As hot as it gets Leo has decided that he will not wear shorts, a number of times last month I would tell him to change into school shorts and he would sometimes change but when it came time to leave I would tell him to get in the car while I went to the toilet and when he was getting out of the car at the school I noticed he had changed back into long pants…………….grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

So I have told Jessica if he will not wear shorts what am I to do other then make sure he has long school pants to wear that will not make him over heat too much. She said make him wear the shorts easy for her to say she isn’t the one dealing with him and let’s be honest here I cannot be bothered having that fight with him before school. I do not like him to go to school in a bad mood.

Back to me I like it when I can get out do some shopping and be home again all by 10 or 11am, I am not one to be doing stuff all day, many times in the past people have said what’s your rush you have all day, yeah but I don’t want to be all day doing stuff.

Last Friday when I was shopping I bought a bottle of Port and mentioned to Tim if he wanted to have some he could, he says I don’t like Port much, since when Tim, since when, many times you have drunk my Port but if you don’t like it all the more for me. That said you all know I am not a big drinker yes I drink and yes from time to time I may even get drunk but getting drunk isn’t the norm for me two, three or four drinks are usually enough for me and I don’t have strong drinks, I drown the Port or whatever liqueur I am drinking in Coke so four drinks for me may be equal to two drinks for someone else and I never drink anything neat.

Tim just walked in he is on split shifts all week well I think he said he is on them all week I could ask him but he gets annoyed when I ask at times so not doing that, he is home for about 3 hours before he goes back to work for another 3 hours.

Some of you may wonder if I buy stuff for my other grandchildren, well not really did buy Blain a new school hat on Friday but his parents usually buy his school stuff and of course Kathy buys for Sydney-May so no I don’t need to, Jessica can do these things she just often doesn’t want to.

How often do you think as you are putting on an item of clothing or taking it off that you really should bin the item, you think that but you still put it on or toss it in the wash, I am sure I am not the only person who does that. I have been meaning to toss this bra I am wearing for the last month or two and still I am wearing it. I can be just as bad with knickers and other bloody clothes or to be honest if the clothes were in fact bloody I might indeed toss them in the bin, just saying.

I just found and put in my bag Leo’s stationary list for the stuff he will need this year at school, I meant to shove it in my bag before I went out but didn’t oh well it is in my bag now and I will have a look for the stuff on Friday.

At the moment Tim is watching the Benny Hill show, I could never stand Benny Hill he got on my nerves but since I wasn’t watching anything I have said nothing.

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