Reading Emails, My Mum & Jessica’s Air Conditioner

Do you read your emails?

At times I wonder about Tim and if he ever reads his emails, last night he noticed a charge on his visa card and got into a tiss over it, he didn’t know what it was and didn’t authorised it and rang the Newcastle Permanent Building Society to complain, they cancelled the card and will issue a new card and all that is going to cause problems with money transfers and such.

Now here is the thing, this morning when I got up I remembered him saying something about it last night but I was in bed asleep or more asleep then awake and didn’t really register with me what he was going on about. This morning it did so I went and checked his emails and yeah there was an email from the company that took the money it was for our contents insurance. So I told him that this morning and he said they shouldn’t just take the money they should have contacted me, I said they did contact you they emailed you to tell you that they would be taking the premium on such and such a date, he has been going on how it was wrong and they should have rang him, I said businesses doing ring you about such things they email and if you don’t want them to take a premium you have to ring them and talk to them. He is going on about wanting his money back but the more I have talked to him the more I think it is slowly sinking in, well I hope it is.

All this would have been avoided if he only read his emails.

In other news my mum is in hospital yesterday she wasn’t feeling well and was in bed till around midday as she wasn’t feeling good, she had fallen out of bed at 2am and was in pain but when my sister went to check on her she was confused and not with it so she rang the ambos who took her to hospital.

My sister Sandra and brother Dave stayed with her at the hospital for a long time, she had ct scans done as they thought she may have had a mini stroke, thankfully she didn’t the ct scan of the brain showed no bleed or anything nasty. While at the hospital she was unable to have anything to drink and what they ended up saying was that they thought she was a bit dry as in dehydrated and gave her a drip and after a while she started to improve.

They also gave her a ct scan of her hip as they thought she had possibly broken her hip but that was clear but did show a lot of arthritis in her hip the orthopaedic surgeon was shocked at how much arthritis there was.

We don’t know how long she will be in hospital for we are taking it one day at a time, I spoke to her this morning and she sounded ok but she was in a lot of pain. Mum said yesterday when Dave and Sandy woke her she was wondering why it was midday she kept thinking I went to bed at night why is it midday. Also when the doctors and hospital staff asked her what year it was she couldn’t remember and couldn’t count back from 20, she would get to 11 and go forward again but as I said when I spoke to her earlier she was sounding more with it.

This morning Tim and Michael have gone to install Jessica’s new air conditioning unit it is a large window unit and I told Tim I wanted it installed today as tomorrow it is suppose to be in the 40’s and it is not doing any good sitting in her boot.


4 thoughts on “Reading Emails, My Mum & Jessica’s Air Conditioner

  1. Sending warm thoughts and prayers for your mum’s quick recovery Jo-Anne.

    Temperatures in the 40s sound good right about now. It is in the minus 20s here today. I put gas in the car today and the time it took to fill it up hurt and completely numbed my gloved hands! ❤
    Diana xo

  2. I hope your mum recovers quickly and they find some solution to the shocking amount of arthritis.
    I skim my emails. I can recognize it’s a problem, but sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s a real email and what’s a scam. The bigger problem to me is talking business or important things at bedtime. Don’t expect half-asleep me to retain anything spoken after head hits pillow.

    1. Mum is sounding more like mum, she will need surgery to treat the arthritis but no idea when that will happen, the hospital want her to go to a different hospital for 7-14 days to fiddle with her medications and give her some rehab to help her cope better at home, she doesn’t want to do that she just wants to go home

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