Leo is now 9


Good morning all, as you may have noticed I wasn’t around much yesterday I read a few blogs in the morning but since I had a sleep in and didn’t get up till 6.30am I didn’t have time to do much before it was time for us to leave. Leave you say, well yesterday was Little Leo’s birthday he turned 9, yes my Little Leo is now 9 and to celebrate we as in me & papa along with Jessica & Leo went to Hunter Valley Gardens here is the link: http://www.huntervalleygardens.com.au/

We arrived around 9.20am and left at 1.20pm so was a nice day out, more photos will be added here on Wednesday but of course here are some taken yesterday.


We had a small family party for him here yesterday afternoon with BBQ chicken and hot chips for tea followed by ice cream cake. The only one who wasn’t here was Blain as he was with his father at his father’s mothers place and didn’t get dropped off in time.

You will notice in the photos I was using a walking stick and have to say it made a big difference, I managed to get around pretty ok but after lunch which was a bacon & egg roll with a side of chips I started to feel a bit unwell it was really hot by then temp around 37°c. Jessica, Leo and I went for a ride on the little train that took us around the gardens that was nice and Leo saw some things he wanted to show papa so after the ride Tim and Leo went off to see other stuff Jessica and I sat in the shade and waited for them.


All in all it was a good day and Leo said he had an awesome time and it showed.


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