Tuesday’s Ramblings

Ok here we are at a new day, hope for me it is a bit better then yesterday for some strange reason at 10am yesterday my eyes started to sting like I had been awake too long and I found I was unable to concentrate on the letter I was trying to write. So I did the only thing I could think to do I went back to bed for a bit, after sleeping for an hour or so I got up and felt fine. I was fine for 3 hours when again my eyes started to sting so I went back to bed slept for an hour or so got up was fine but only till around 7.30pm when I went back to bed and slept all night. So far this morning I am doing ok, managed to do a load of washing and get it on the line, ok yesterday I managed to do two loads of Natasha’s washing and get it on the line so one load this morning is nothing. I have also gone to the shops this morning for bread and cold meat and a pizza for me for lunch or dinner.

This morning I saw on Sunrise (morning news show) that in New York there is this woman who is paid to cuddle people, what the hell is with that, that is weird she said it isn’t sexual, hate to tell you this lady but I bet it is for some of the people you cuddle.

Also they were going on still about Mariah Carey NYE performance, ok it wasn’t a shining moment but what the hell it wasn’t a first for her she has had other stuff ups during the last x amount of years, it was new yesterday, not today, move on people.

Ok Donald Trump is criticising everyone he can except the Russians over the hacking scandal business but come on this is Trump what else do people expect him to say and do, when he takes office will he be inviting back all those that were kicked out of the country because of it, we will see.

They also told us how Miss Lebanon Immigrant Australia was caught with ice in her car and not the ice that melts because that ice no one cares about and let’s be honest here it would melt and ruin the car, unless it was in an esky, just saying. Anyway she got caught with the other ice in her car, the stuff that doesn’t melt and good upstanding and honest people do not have in their car. Now I didn’t know there was such a title as Miss Immigrant Australia but seems there is anyway she was caught in Sydney in a drug bust she was also fined for not wearing a seat belt or displaying P plates, oh and she was stripped of her title just her title not her clothes although I am sure there were some who wouldn’t have minded seeing her stripped of her clothes but that would be oh so wrong, just saying. More wrong then the drugs in her car because cops can’t make you strip off your clothes.

A lot of people have drowned this summer mostly children and toddlers but also an old man he was in his 80’s and was once a judge who had his home bombed or something, really didn’t care that much so didn’t listen that much. Maybe if swimming lessons didn’t cost and arm and a leg more people would have their child taught to swim. When Sydney had swimming lessons it cost her mum around $200 for 10 lessons and it may not seem a lot but when you are expected to pay that amount up front it is a lot.

Have Kathy and the girls here while I am writing this, both the girls found back scratchers and used them as pointers which drove their mum nuts. She then gave both of them a peanut M & M and said don’t eat the chocolate and give it to nanna, and what did they do, they did just that.

Natasha dropped a lot of stuff she wanted us to advertise but she will be lucky to get between $10-15 for the lot so both me and Kathy thought we would just give her the money and re-gift the stuff now we both said to do that at the same time so that cracked us both up.

Speaking of Natasha yesterday I went to pay my Avon bill and found there was not enough money in the account someone had taken money out for fuel, not saying who but I bet you can guess.

Just had the girls ask for food, I said I had grapes red, black or green,or strawberries or cheese, Sydney-May took red grapes and Summer chose cheese.

Kathy has gone to get fuel in her car and then she is going over to my parents place to pick up boxes, Kathy and Michael are planning on moving to Queensland sometime in the next month or so, so she wants boxes to pack stuff in.

Ok I am going to post this now, I have already read something like 30 odd blog posts.


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