My New Year’s Eve/2017


Here we are at a the start of a New Year, 2017.

I am hoping it is a great year with less upsets then the last year, I am getting better at letting my daughters live their own lives. Kathy-Lee is talking about moving to Queensland sometime in the next month or so, I am not happy about this but it is her life and she has to do what she thinks is right for herself and her family, I will miss her so much and yeah we can talk on the phone and Skype each other but still I will miss her.

Natasha has settled into her new house, she moved at the end of the year but she said she is going to try and get a swap because she doesn’t like the driveway she is one fussy and picky girl. I am expecting to have Blain a bit over the next couple of weeks as he is with his mum and she will need someone to watch him while she is at work, the only day I can’t watch him is Friday so that day he will need to go to Jessica’s or Kathy’s place instead.

New Year’s Eve saw me in bed at 8pm as I was unable to keep my eyes open and of course I was up at 5.30am yesterday as I was today. I haven’t stayed up to see the New Year in, in many years for me it is just another night. We did have Leo here but he was asleep by around 9ish although he got up a few times during the night and I found him asleep with his laptop on his bed playing something and I would close the lid and move it to the floor, only to find it on his bed again a couple of hours later. Easy to tell when he has been up he turns the hall light on and leaves it on, also he gets up and eats stuff, he ate a whole box of Drumstick type ice creams and 4 chocolate biscuits and also some strawberries and I am sure other stuff during the night.

I don’t do resolutions, I just try to be the best me I can be, I am a kind and caring woman and that should count for something. I do my best not to run people down, verbally or physically I don’t take my car and try to run people down, why well that’s just not the right thing to do, also running people down in the car is illegal, just saying. Although over the years there have been a number of people I would have liked to hit with my car.

Yesterday I kept thinking it was Monday not Sunday not sure why just did, today is a public holiday here it is the New Year’s Day holiday and it is raining been raining since I got up this morning and I was up at 5.30am again I was going to just lay in bed and listen to the rain but I had to go to the toilet and once I was out of bed I thought no point in going back to bed.

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