More About Mum’s Health


Hello everyone, the day started warm and ended up bloody hot again, this morning I had Leo for a bit after I took him home I went to get mum and take her to physio well we get to Belmont hospital and I go get a wheelchair so she doesn’t have to walk that far. When she was getting into the wheelchair a couple of ladies from the ambo transfer people came and said they would help and one of them pushed mum to the area. I go and check in and find out we are a day early, yeah what the hell we now have to go back tomorrow.

I have Blain tonight as his mum is busy with work from early tomorrow, so I will have him most of tomorrow. However I am taking mum to the cemetery tomorrow morning and then again back to the hospital for physio so going to be a busy day again.

Blain is at his friends place and I don’t expect him to be home till around 6.30pm which is ok with me but tomorrow since I will be out for most of the morning he can go to his friends place if he is allowed but if he isn’t he will have to go to Jessica’s place as he can’t stay home alone while I am out since I will be gone for hours.

While I was walking to the physio department my left knee gave out on me and oh the pain, at least I didn’t fall over. When I got home I wasn’t good, I was shaking and felt sick and had sweat dripping out of me but I turned on the air cons and changed my clothes and made myself a toasted sandwich after which I felt better.

Blain has checked in with me which is good and Kathy and the girls popped in for a visit but Summer was asleep for the whole time they were here.

Now I am writing this dribble and then I am going to have a bath before I chill for the rest of the day, I of course will be in bed early again but that is just how I am now days I go to bed early but I also get up early and I don’t usually have the time to have a nap during the day and when I do have the time I usually find that when I lay down my brain will not shut down and I keep thinking of things I want to do, which is so annoying.

On Sunday mum fell over while at home getting cereal for breakfast, she was unable to get up and laid there and cried, dad isn’t much help now days and Dawson couldn’t manage to help her on his own so mum said she wanted Sandy, at first dad said they didn’t need Sandy but then changed his mind and rang her all he had to say was “mum’s had a fall” and she replied “I’m on my way” she ran down the hall woke her step-son told him to watch the girls and raced up to mum & dad’s and with Dawson’s help she managed to get mum up and into a chair.

Since she fell she has had very sore knees and yesterday she went and had an X-Ray and ultrasound of her right hip and they also gave her a cortisone injection into her thigh but said that she may need another one done into the hip as well as she has a lot of arthritis in her hip.

She is still in a lot of pain but has been walking a bit better yesterday afternoon and this morning so fingers crossed the injection does help.


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