Bits and Pieces

Monday afternoon around 4pm, my middle finger on my left hand started to hurt, this is due to have arthritis in the fingers but most of the time it is ok but not Monday afternoon by 6 pm it was still very sore and causing me pain, in fact it was closer to 7pm before the pain stopped.

Tuesday evening I started to feel very tired and generally unwell so I was in bed earlier then normal, woke up drenched in sweat during the night and turned the air con on to help me cool down while I changed my nightie to a cooler one. Tim snapped that he was cold and to turn the air con off I only had it on for a couple of minutes and told him so.

Wednesday morning woke up to a cool and wet day, so decided to let Tim take the car to work if he wants to do so as I will not need it to get Leo from school this afternoon.

Mum and I had planned to go to the cemetery but I am just not feeling up to it so will give it a miss this morning.

Natasha dropped Blain off for me to take to school and her washing which I do not know if I will do today or tomorrow depends on how I feel when I get home. Also if tomorrow is going to be a better day weather wise I might leave it till then. I asked her what time she will pick him up this afternoon she said arn’t you driving him home, no your dad is taking the car so then she asked what her sister was doing I have no idea what Jess is doing this afternoon you may just have to come and get him yourself Natasha.

Speaking of Jess she rings me last night I was already in bed because I wasn’t feeling well, anyway she was rolling out some pastry and found some flour in the cupboard and used it on the bench so the pastry wouldn’t stick only to discover the flour was three years our of date. So she rings me to make sure she wouldn’t get sick but as she only used it so the pastry wouldn’t stick and because flour is fine for a bloody long time.

I am around a 3rd through my Christmas cards, the problem is that my hand starts to shake a lot and ache after I have done a few so I have to stop for a bit, also my back aches so I need to sit back and rest a bit.

All over the news is how Victoria is going to try and introduce voluntary euthanasia laws, it will not be easy lots of strict rules will be involved. I personally feel about bloody time, we don’t let animals suffer for years so why do we let humans suffer for years when there is no cure for the cause of the suffering.

In other news KFC here have brought out a candle that smells like KFC chicken, what the hell……………no, at the start of the year they brought out sunscreen lotion that smelt like KFC chicken and that was gross as well.

I like KFC but don’t want the smell of it all over my body or all over the house, sorry but, no.

Well that is all for this post I have rambled on enough.


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