Just a little update


Good morning everyone, it is morning here, may not be morning where you are but that is ok. It has been a couple of bloody hot days here with today suppose to be another hot day anyway, we will see.

Yesterday I went to my parents place for my birthday lunch my brother did his version of KFC style chicken with is home-made fried rice and a bloody nice Oreo cheesecake, damn my brother is a good cook.


Moving on, we all know that death is something that comes to all of us, we may try and prepare ourselves for the death of a loved one but still when it happens it can come as a shock to those who loved the person.

Yesterday morning at 4.42 mum got a phone call from Uncle Frank telling her that their mother my nanna had passed away, this was distressing for mum she knew it was coming but it was still naturally upsetting and distressing for mum.

Mum rang me at 9.30 to tell me that nanna had passed away, and it upset me, like mum I knew it was coming but still it upset me, maybe not as much as it would have if it had come out of the blue.


I will miss my nanna so much my and I will have to find something else to do on Wednesday we might go visit my Aunty Pat a bit more often and we will also go to the cemetery to visit nan and pop. I expect pop asked nan what took her so long to join him as he passed away 6 years ago and nan is only now joining him.

Not much of a post today I know but such is life



Changing rooms, turning 54 and cooking my own birthday lunch

Good afternoon all, it has been another hot day here the day started out cool and ended up pretty damn hot.

Mum and I went to see nan this morning she has been moved to a different room and is now in a room on her own, it is a double room but she has no room mate and this mean Perla has a bed to sleep in while she is there over night. The reason she was moved is because they still think she is at the end of her life and will not be with us much longer, but then a week ago they didn’t think she would survive the night and she is still hanging in there. The room nan is now in is the room she was in when she first went into this nursing home.

While there staff came in to change her position in bed and we were chatting about how we like the nursing home and how when my great-aunt was in a different nursing home we found that place terrible as it stunk all the time and we would usually take aunt outside to visit with her because of the smell and one of the staff members said her mother is a nursing home at Mount Hutton and that is what it is like there, she was shocked at the state of the home and the smell, working in a nursing home like the one nan is in she didn’t realise how bad some are. The home nan is in doesn’t smell at all.

It was 54 years ago today that I came into the world, weighing only 4lb 2oz and look at me now, I am one of those people who loves her birthday it means I have been around for another year and I have no problem telling people how old I am.

My nan always would say she only felt 21 still and wouldn’t tell you how old she was, I never got what the big deal was about saying how old she was but for many years I had no idea how old she was.

So far the only present I have received was a pair of sunglasses that cost $10, I know how much they were because I was the one who pointed them out to Tim.

On Sunday I am going to have a baked lunch here for my birthday, I was going to have lasagne and chips or baked spuds only the frozen type of baked spuds but Tim went on about how he doesn’t like lasagne and wanted a proper baked lunch, of course it is me who has to spend the morning in the kitchen cooking. Kathy said she would make me a cake as I said I was going to just buy myself a birthday cake.

Sandra was upset when she heard I was cooking myself a baked lunch for my birthday so I am also going over to my parents place on Saturday for lunch mum is doing something for me so I guess it is all good I will get to birthday lunches.

I have received many birthday wishes today and thank all who have wished me a Happy Birthday.

This afternoon I have Leo till his mum gets here and Blain has gone to his mates place for a while and I was suppose to drive him home around 7.30pm but when I was coming home from getting Leo I realised I do not have enough fuel to get to Natasha’s place and home again and I have no money for fuel, in fact I will not have enough fuel to get Leo to school in the morning the first thing I will have to do is go get fuel in the car in the morning before taking Leo to school but after Tim gives me money for fuel.

More about Harry Crawford

Ok let me tell you a little more about Harry Crawford aka Eugenia Falleni, at the committal hearing in August 1920, witnesses included the dentist who made the false teeth found with Annie young Harry’s mum and his aunt also identified the gemstone found with the body as being Annie’s.

Young Harry also gave evidence about how his mother only married Crawford/Falleni because he was so persistent and that there had always been fights between them and it was never a happy marriage. He told how his mum was worried about Crawford and how they left him but he found them and smashed up everything.

He told how when Crawford took him to the Gap and tried to get the boy to follow him through the fence to the cliff edge but as young Harry felt that his step-father didn’t like him and his manner was more unpleasant then normal he didn’t trust the man so stayed back, of course his lawyer objected to the evidence but the magistrate allowed it on the ground that it indicated Crawford’s state of mind.

The Government Medical Officer (Dr Palmer) repeated his testimony from the post-mortem that he believed Annie died of burns and was alive when the fire began, due to blistering on the skin he could not say if she was conscious or not, although he did state the small cracks on the skull were likely a result of the fire but a more substantial one could have been the result of violence against her person.

Henrietta Schieblich, who rented a room to Harry after Annie’s death, said he told her his wife had left him and added “We had a jolly good row, and I gave her a crack on the head, and she cleared off”. She also claimed Harry had said he was going to kill Annie’s son on the night he took him to dig holes in the scrub. Another witness supported young Harry’s evidence that Harry, who couldn’t read or write and had asked others to look for mentions of a murder in the newspapers in the weeks after Annie’s disappearance.

The prosecutor was given permission to treat Harry/Eugenia’s daughter Josephine as a hostile witness and submitted her earlier sworn statement to police as evidence:

“I first remember my mother when about seven years of age. She always wore men’s clothing, and was known as Harry Crawford. I was brought up at Double Bay by Mrs. de Angeles, whom I used to call ‘Granny.’ Granny told me that Harry Crawford was my mother, and that my father was the captain of a boat. My mother was very cruel to me when I was a child, and often forgot me. Granny told me that my mother tried to smother me when I was a baby. Mrs. de Angeles died when I was about 12 years of age, and my mother took me to a little confectionery shop in Balmain, kept by a Mrs. Birkett, who had a son named Harry. My mother told me Mrs. Birkett had some money, and always thought my mother was a man. I said to my mother, ‘She’ll find you out one of these days.’ My mother replied, ‘Oh, I’ll watch it. I would rather do away with myself than let the police find anything about me.’ My mother told me always to call her father, and not let Mrs. Birkett nor anyone else know that she was a woman. I did not know that my mother was married to Mrs. Birkett, but they occupied the same bed-room. They quarrelled a great deal, and mother used to come out and say, ‘More rows over you. I cannot get any sleep.’ I replied to my mother, and she said, ‘Oh, a lovely daughter I’ve got.’ I said, ‘What can you expect? A lovely mother I’ve got.’ In 1917 I met my mother, who told me everything was unsettled and upside down, as Mrs. Birkett had discovered she was a woman. My mother seemed very agitated, and was always reticent about herself.

At the end of the hearing Crawford/Falleni was committed for trial and refused bail. A few days after the committal hearing, the magistrate, Mr. Gale, was criticised in a Sydney newspaper for personally escorting into the courtroom, and providing ‘box seats’ for, a popular actor and actress.

The trial of course caused a press sensation with the accused appearing in the dock first in a man’s suit then in women’s clothes

The Crown case followed the evidence presented at the committal, although the Prosecutor was reticent when ‘referring to the relations between the accused and the deceased because “there were some matters to which he did not care to refer to in the presence of women”.He was rebuked by the presiding Chief Justice, Sir William Cullen, who responded that if women came to a Criminal Court they must be prepared to hear such things otherwise they would stay away. The Prosecutor then concluded with information that he said demonstrated the accused ‘was so practical in deceit’ as to be able to convince two women ‘for years’ that he was biologically male. Only described as ‘an article’ at the time, later newspaper accounts report the Police search of the home Falleni shared with Lizzie in Stanmore, and the discovery of a dildo in a bag belonging to Falleni the exchange between Falleni and the Police detective was repeated in Court:

[Falleni] said: ‘You will find it, something there that I have been using.’

Detective: ‘What is it, something artificial?’

[Falleni] replied: ‘Yes, don’t let her see it.’

Detective: ‘Do you mean to say that she doesn’t know anything about this?’

[Falleni] said his first wife had not known about it either, ‘Not until the latter part of our marriage.’

Evidence from other witnesses did not always support the Crown’s case. While on his way to work, David Lowe saw a woman with a suitcase behaving in a ‘half-witted’ way, who disappeared into the scrub 200 yards from where the burned remains were found and Police-Inspector Mayes was one of those, at the original inquest, who suggested the body may have been of a woman who set herself on fire accidentally.

Naturally Harry pleaded not guilty to the murder but the jury took only two hours to reach their verdict and he was convicted and sentenced to death, asked by the Chief Justice if he had anything to say he spoke to his lawyer and replied “ I have been three months in Long Bay Gaol, I am near to a nervous breakdown, I am not guilty, I know nothing about this charge and it is only through false evidence that I have been convicted. Naturally he appeal against the conviction on the basis of

…that the jury’s verdict was against evidence, that the evidence tendered by the Crown was weak and merely circumstantial; that the case against the accused set up by the Crown was destroyed by the evidence of the Crown’s medical witnesses; that the identification of the appellant with some person alleged by the Crown to have been seen in the neighbourhood of the place where a charred body was found was unsatisfactory, and that owing to nervous prostration at the trial, the appellant was physically unable to make a statement of facts, which would have answered the circumstantial evidence…”

The Court of Criminal Appeal dismissed the case finding that if the original jury ‘came to the conclusion that the accused was the person who had brought about the death of the woman, no matter by what means, it was justified in finding a verdict of guilty’

Although his sentence was commuted to imprisonment for life but his alleged immorality in passing as a biological male was made much of in the popular press, which portrayed him as a monster and a pervert.

Friends of Harry and ‘prison reform workers’ petitioned ‘on several occasions’ for his release and in February, 1931, reportedly following an hour-long visit with the prisoner, the Minister for Justice granted him freedom on the basis that he was nearly sixty years old and ‘not of robust health’.Upon leaving Long Bay Prison, he was taken by car ‘for an unknown destination’.

In the Evening News questions were again raised about the case such as there being no certainty that the body was Birkett’s, the skull fractures and the effect of the fire, the possibility of poison and the lack of ‘definite evidence that Falleni had taken the woman’s life’.

In April 1935, when Inspector Stuart Robson gave a speech upon taking on the role of officer in charge of the Broken Hill Police District, he recalled his involvement with the Falleni case:

“I was also responsible for the arrest of Eugenia Falleni, the famous man-woman. She was the child of an Italian skipper and he dressed her in male clothes and she worked as a cabin boy. She kept to male attire, and her exploits are well known. She was convicted for the murder of her ‘wife,’ and was sentenced to life imprisonment. I arrested her when she was working as a man, breaking down rum in a Sydney hotel cellar. That was three years after the murder. I thought I had arrested a man, and it was not until she declined to undress that I thought there was something wrong. A doctor made the discovery. She was subsequently released and has completely disappeared.”

Crawford/Falleni had assumed the name “Mrs. Jean Ford” and became the proprietor of a boarding house in Paddington, Sydney. On 9th June 1938 he stepped off the pavement in front of a motorcar in nearby Oxford Street and was struck by it, and died of his injuries the following day in Sydney. He was only identified through fingerprint records and the £100 she gained from the sale of the boarding house business, just before the accident, was found in his bag. The inquest returned a verdict of accidental death. Crawford/Falleni’s funeral notice was announced under his final name and he was buried in the Church of England section of Rookwood Cemetery.

It’s bloody hot and the sweat is dripping off me and I don’t like it, just saying

Hello everyone I am stinking bloody hot, and in a caravan with no air conditioning just a stupid fan that is blowing warm air around so not in the best of moods, I have sweat dripping off me and a headache to boot.

Add to that the fridge in the van was turned right down so the bait Tim had in the freezer was crap and the fridge stinks something awful although the van no longer smells as we have all the windows opened. I am drinking warm Pepsi Max as the fridge takes a good 24 hours to get really cold. Tim has switched it to gas as he things that will make it colder faster I am not so sure but what do I know.

The park it’s self isn’t that bad we are across from the amenities block which is good but I am not sure if I will have a shower or not tonight guess it will depend on how I feel later at the moment with the heat I am not feeling that steady on my feet.

I haven’t said much to anyone about how when I am in the shower I feel unsteady from the heat in fact when I have a bath at home I often feel unsteady when I get out due to the heat so to be honest at times the thought of having a shower where I don’t have some where to sit makes me nervous.

Tim bought himself a slab of beer but didn’t get me anything, which at the moment is annoying me just saying.

I have limited internet here and Tim doesn’t want to pay for credit for Jessica’s Wifi hub thing so I am writing this and will just get online to post only have 100mb and have used 70mb already.

Oh yeah Tim bought a solar panel that he attached to the roof of the van, now when he said he was doing that I asked if it would be secure he said it would be but I wasn’t sure anyway it blew off and we lost it that is $200 we won’t get back, he said he wants to get another one. I said I would rather air conditioning for the van as I can’t take the heat.

At the moment he has gone to the lake only a short walk from here to try fishing just so you all know I hate fishing and don’t eat seafood………….period

I hope to be back ready blogs on Tuesday or Wednesday if I had better Wifi I would be doing that while Tim is off fishing.

Oh nearly forgot to mention where we are we are in Port Macquarie which is a 3 hour driver from our home.

Repost about my pop

Doing a repost also today as it is 6 years since we buried my grandfather he died on the 4th November 2010 and was laid to rest 6 days later on the 10th November 2010.

Ronald Francis James was born 10th October 1925 in Wickham. He served in the Airforce during WW11, he had to enlist twice because he was under-age and the first place realised he was under-age and kicked him out so he went somewhere else and enlisted again. He had a fake birth certificate saying he was born on the 10 April year unknown.

He married my grandmother Florence Torrens Townsend on the 28 December 1950 at a church in Hamilton. My mum was 10 at the time and she always considered him he dad and not her step father. Mum and him had a close relationship for many years. Yes there was a time when my girls where young that he wanted nothing to do with us but that passed and he in fact didn’t remember that time during the later years of his life.

He and nan had only 1 child a son Francis.

Up until the 8th June 2010 he was living at his home with my grandmother who has Alzheimer’s and was taking care of her. He would also walk to Charlestown Square and home a couple a times a week.

On the 8th he went to the doctors and was sent to hospital for tests and never went home again. He was diagnosed with Asbestos Cancer which is an aggressive cancer

He passed away on the 4th November at 4am. His funeral was held at St Albans Church in Charlestown.

He was known to his grandchildren and great grandchildren at Poppy James.

May he rest in peace.

Just and update about my life

Good morning or afternoon, I am starting this in the AM but no idea when I will finish and post it.

I am home, last night was my last night house/dog sitting, the last few days by the time I got back to Dave’s place in the afternoon I just had no motivation to blog or check emails hence the reason I have not been around this week but things are back to normal now.

Yes I could have used Leo’s laptop while here during the day but decided to hand write some letters to pen pals as I am out of printer ink and since Tim had to fork out $220 for a new front tyre for his motor bike and $250 a few weeks back for repairs to the bike and the ink for my printer is like $23 each I will wait for a while before I ask him for money for the ink. We also need to get some scripts filled that I will need to get on Friday aka tomorrow more money we need to spend.

I also need to offer a correction, recently I said I had never had a broken bone, well my sister Sandra reminded me that as a baby I had a fractured skull and that counts as a broken bone, since I don’t remember it happening I was only a few months old.

In other news on Sunday or Monday right now I can’t remember which day anyway not important whichever day it was mum received a phone call from the nursing home to inform her that nan has a really bad chest infection and had been seen by the doctor and prescribed antibiotics but they wanted to know if mum and Uncle Frank wanted her treated or just left to possible die without intervention.

Mum said she could not make that decision on her own and had to speak to Uncle Frank, they said they could not reach him and thought he had gone away on holiday again, mum said no Frank had not gone away and she would get hold of him. Well she did and it was decided to give nan the medication and see what happens.

Then on Tuesday afternoon the nursing home rang Uncle Frank and said they didn’t think the antibiotics where working and she may not last the night, and if the family wanted to see her before she passed away to go and do it. So Uncle Frank and Aunt Perla went to see her and mum and dad went over and I called in on my way back to Dave’s place she didn’t look good but she is hanging in there. While I was there my daughters sent text messages to ask how nan was, Tim had told them all what was happening.

Yesterday mum and I went back to see her and my sisters Sandra and Jeannie went to see her as well. Nan had a fever when we were there and I had to get a wash-cloth to sponge her down and I also went to find a staff member to ask when nan last had medication for the fever. Someone came and took her temp and went to fetch the RN she also turned the air con on to help cool nan down. The woman in next bed complained that the air con was blowing on her and she was cold, mum and I took no notice, if the woman was cold she could cover herself with a blanket we were more concerned with nan.

Sandra was saying that she had tried to ring our other sister Sue but she wasn’t answering, I said she should have sent her a text I would had done so but thought Sandra was handling it. Mum said she would ring Sue when she went home, I hope someone has got onto Sue. There are times I think I have to do things to make sure they get done.

It is now midday and I am just getting back to this, I sent Sue a message about nan and she rang me to tell me she got the messages from the others and said she would like to see nan but is busy today and will call in to see mum this afternoon and might get over to see nan tomorrow.

I thought nan looked a bit better today, no fever although she was a little clammy and she still has the cough and when she coughs she gets distressed.

The woman who shares her room is a right pain she was speaking very loud no make that she was yelling and when mum told her to be quiet she said it was her medication was making her yell. What the hell, what medication makes someone yell?

She also told us we couldn’t put the air con on as it would make her cold, then she left the room and we turned the air con on.

Sandra was telling mum that yesterday after we left she started complaining again and wanted the air con turned off and Sandra told her no nan needed it to help cool her down and then she went on and on about how she was so sick and no one cared if she ended up in hospital Sandra said she wasn’t interested and to use a blanket if she was cold.

Because Sandy told her a few times she wasn’t interested in her complaints and such the woman ended up calling Sandy a effing rat, this didn’t bother Sandy and when she left Sandy hid the control to the air con.

Today when mum mentioned this woman’s behaviour to one of the nurses she was shocked and told mum not to take any notice of her that the woman is a trouble maker and no one wants to share a room for her but the woman can’t afford to have a single room. She has been moved a number of times as those she has shared with complained that the couldn’t stand her and that she was accusing them of going through her stuff. She even tried to complain that someone had been through her stuff in the room she is in with nan but since nan cannot get out of bed and doesn’t even talk other then a few words here and there she had no idea who it could had been.

Kathy-Lee has dropped Summer off for me to watch for an hour or so while she goes to the shops so she is here watching telly and drinking pink milk.

It’s hot here

Well here I am on Monday morning and I am using Tim’s old laptop, the one Leo uses as mine is still at my brother’s place and I am at my place I had to take Leo to school and I have to meet mum at the X-ray place at 2pm so I am hanging out here for the day.

Before I took Leo to school I had to go and have blood test done and of course the first woman couldn’t find a vein so had to wait for the other one to be free and then they had to use a butterfly (a small needle with tube).

It really feels like summer here, as it has been bloody hot the last few days, so glad for air conditioning and shorts. I can’t imagine how women coped way back when women had to wear long ass skirts with petty coats and thick knee length or longer stockings. Also they would have to wear dresses that came up to their necks with long sleeves because showing skin was such a no no.

Today us women get around in shorts and tee shirts and the young females like teenagers wear really short shorts and skirts and show a lot of skin.

Can you imagine what it was like for a woman to go to the beach or swimming pool and have to wear those swimmers that went from the neck to the knee, no I don’t swimmers any more but when I was in my 20’s I would get around shorts and a bikini top during the summer days. That is because when Tim and I were first married we didn’t have air conditioning in fact we didn’t have air conditioning for many years but now I wouldn’t be without it.

That said I still prefer to have the doors and windows open as long as there is a cool breeze although on Saturday the breeze was bloody hot so no having the doors open then, today the breeze is nice and cool and I am happy to have the front and back doors opened.

In other news it is my birthday in 9 days time and I am hoping to get at least one gift card I can use to buy new shorts as the ones I have are about 4 years old and I am down to only 3 pairs of old stained shorts nothing nice enough to wear out.