It’s bloody hot and the sweat is dripping off me and I don’t like it, just saying

Hello everyone I am stinking bloody hot, and in a caravan with no air conditioning just a stupid fan that is blowing warm air around so not in the best of moods, I have sweat dripping off me and a headache to boot.

Add to that the fridge in the van was turned right down so the bait Tim had in the freezer was crap and the fridge stinks something awful although the van no longer smells as we have all the windows opened. I am drinking warm Pepsi Max as the fridge takes a good 24 hours to get really cold. Tim has switched it to gas as he things that will make it colder faster I am not so sure but what do I know.

The park it’s self isn’t that bad we are across from the amenities block which is good but I am not sure if I will have a shower or not tonight guess it will depend on how I feel later at the moment with the heat I am not feeling that steady on my feet.

I haven’t said much to anyone about how when I am in the shower I feel unsteady from the heat in fact when I have a bath at home I often feel unsteady when I get out due to the heat so to be honest at times the thought of having a shower where I don’t have some where to sit makes me nervous.

Tim bought himself a slab of beer but didn’t get me anything, which at the moment is annoying me just saying.

I have limited internet here and Tim doesn’t want to pay for credit for Jessica’s Wifi hub thing so I am writing this and will just get online to post only have 100mb and have used 70mb already.

Oh yeah Tim bought a solar panel that he attached to the roof of the van, now when he said he was doing that I asked if it would be secure he said it would be but I wasn’t sure anyway it blew off and we lost it that is $200 we won’t get back, he said he wants to get another one. I said I would rather air conditioning for the van as I can’t take the heat.

At the moment he has gone to the lake only a short walk from here to try fishing just so you all know I hate fishing and don’t eat seafood………….period

I hope to be back ready blogs on Tuesday or Wednesday if I had better Wifi I would be doing that while Tim is off fishing.

Oh nearly forgot to mention where we are we are in Port Macquarie which is a 3 hour driver from our home.


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