It’s hot here

Well here I am on Monday morning and I am using Tim’s old laptop, the one Leo uses as mine is still at my brother’s place and I am at my place I had to take Leo to school and I have to meet mum at the X-ray place at 2pm so I am hanging out here for the day.

Before I took Leo to school I had to go and have blood test done and of course the first woman couldn’t find a vein so had to wait for the other one to be free and then they had to use a butterfly (a small needle with tube).

It really feels like summer here, as it has been bloody hot the last few days, so glad for air conditioning and shorts. I can’t imagine how women coped way back when women had to wear long ass skirts with petty coats and thick knee length or longer stockings. Also they would have to wear dresses that came up to their necks with long sleeves because showing skin was such a no no.

Today us women get around in shorts and tee shirts and the young females like teenagers wear really short shorts and skirts and show a lot of skin.

Can you imagine what it was like for a woman to go to the beach or swimming pool and have to wear those swimmers that went from the neck to the knee, no I don’t swimmers any more but when I was in my 20’s I would get around shorts and a bikini top during the summer days. That is because when Tim and I were first married we didn’t have air conditioning in fact we didn’t have air conditioning for many years but now I wouldn’t be without it.

That said I still prefer to have the doors and windows open as long as there is a cool breeze although on Saturday the breeze was bloody hot so no having the doors open then, today the breeze is nice and cool and I am happy to have the front and back doors opened.

In other news it is my birthday in 9 days time and I am hoping to get at least one gift card I can use to buy new shorts as the ones I have are about 4 years old and I am down to only 3 pairs of old stained shorts nothing nice enough to wear out.


2 thoughts on “It’s hot here

  1. One of these days, someone’s going to invent special glasses so that the nurse can find the gosh darn vein! I’ve never had a nurse get it right away. Maybe a vein-seeking needle. I’m with you, I love air conditioning, but a nice cool breeze can’t be beat.

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