Who’s drunk, not me, ok me, just saying

Hello everyone, it is Saturday afternoon here and what a day it has been another stinking bloody hot day here, yesterday it was stinking bloody hot and today it is stinking bloody hot with bloody hot winds to boot.

I am somewhat drunk and I am blaming the wine it is the wines fault I am drunk I have had about a bottle of wine and wine does make me drunk faster then other grog well it seems to.

I am house/dog sitting for my brother came here Thursday night but had to get up at 6am yesterday to go home to be there when Jessica dropped Leo off before she went to work.

My sister Sandra and her girls Temika and Denni are with me and I also have Leo as his mum (Jessica) has to work today, all day and night she had to pick up a work van at 9am she is doing the A Day on the Green at Bimbadgen Estate which is a winery about 40 minutes from here so she will not be home till around 11pm tonight.

Just had a phone call from Jono asking me to ring Kelli she has been evacuated from her home due to a bush fire and she had no where to go so Sandra asked her to come her she has Daemon and Blain with her and a dog so this is going to be one crowded small ass house just saying.

Ok she is here so all is good Sandra rang Dave to make sure it was ok with him that she comes here with the boys and the dog and as far as I know he said it was ok as he would because my brother is bloody cool.

I just told my sweetheart, not Tim a secret……………….


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