Broken Bones and Pain, My Mum Is Amazing

Hello November, hope you are going to be a great month for me and mine, if you are not will not change that it is still November that is one of those things that cannot be changed for about 30 days when November is gone.

While I was waiting for Leo to get out of school I heard these women talking and one of them said “all people brake a bone at some point” and I thought no they don’t I am 53 and never had a broken bone.

Ok many people may brake a bone of two in their lives just not me, well not so far. However, there are some people who have a tendency to fall over and maybe break something. I remember when I was a teenager we (the family) were one holiday in Melbourne and while walking down Little Collins Street my mum stumbled and fell over that is the first time I can remember mum falling over since then she has fallen over a number of times.

There was the time she fell over at home and broke her wrist and when it happened dad said it wasn’t broken just sprained but after a while (as in hours) the hand became swollen and she was taken to A & E and it was X rayed and she was told it was broken.

A few years later while she was at the local shops she fell over an old slap of cement that was where the old phone box was and broke her arm, she picked herself up and went into the butchers to get the mince my sister wanted and drove herself home, however, when she got home she couldn’t turn the car off or pull on the handbrake and had to toot the horn to get someone to help her.

The a few years after that while out at the local shopping centre (Charlestown Square) she slipped on a grape that was on the ground and fell over again, breaking her arm and shoulder that fall resulted in her needing a complete shoulder replacement..

So mum has had both shoulders replaced has plates and pins in her arm which made the scanners beep when going through scanners when boarding the ship in May.

Neither of mums arm will straighten completely and she can not reach her her arms up above her head, she cannot peg washing on the clothes line.

She also has arthritis running down the length of her spine causing her a great deal of back pain and now she has trouble with arthritis in both of her knees and has been told she needs both knees replaced and is on the waiting list to see the specialist about that.

So I can tell you mum is on a lot of pain relief but many days it doesn’t help she is in pain 24/7 and it gets her down a lot, my sister Sue goes and massages her knees some days but not as often as mum really needs it done.

I am amazed at how much mum continues to do each and every day, she still watches preschool children (aged 4) two, three or four days a week for often many hours during the day taking the same children two and from day care when needed.

My sister Sandra does a lot for mum and dad she is the one who mows the lawn and does the vacuuming and helps mum with the weekly shopping carrying things inside the house and putting the shopping away.

Out of my daughters the only one to have a broken bone was Jessica when she rode the pee wee 50 (mini motorbike) through the fence in the park she also needed stitches to her forehead.

Blain fell over while jumping off something at day care and broke his arm requiring surgery a couple of surgeries if I remember rightly he has a scare on his arm, this was the same day care that Leo went to as did Temika and now Landon, Denni and Hayley, Kathy’s daughter Sydney-May also went there for a year or so. Just thought I would throw that in there.


2 thoughts on “Broken Bones and Pain, My Mum Is Amazing

  1. Wow, not a single broken bone? Are you sure that you didn’t break one and didn’t get it diagnosed? I ask because I have broken my pinky toe twice. The first time, I let it go, the second time, it hurt for a week and I went to the doctor who told me how my bone had set funky the first time and this was the second break. But that’s just a pinky toe, does that count?

    1. Yeah well my sister reminded me a fractured skull counts as a broken bone and I had that as a baby and now you mention it many years ago I broke a toe but never saw a doctor about it well I think it was broken it hurt like hell and looks different now then it did.

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