A Wednesday Post


Good morning all, didn’t get around to doing a post yesterday thought about it many times during the day but just couldn’t find motivation to do one so you got nothing but today is a new day and I am feeling more motivated to do a post so here we go, in fact I am going to write a couple of posts today. I like to have at least one written and stored in my unposted blog file.

At the moment I am sitting waiting for mum to arrive to get me and Leo and take Leo to school and her and I will go and see my nan her mum. We usually take Leo to school now on Wednesdays in mum’s car before going to the nursing home to see nan.

Mum and Dave are still struggling with little Landon’s toilet training, he is getting better but he is 4 now and still has many times when he either wets or poos his undies, he knows when he wants to go to the toilet but often chooses not to go but as I said he is getting better and more and more days he will go and use the toilet then you have days like yesterday when mum losses it with him as he doesn’t use the toilet.

Mum put him on the toilet twice in the morning when she noticed him acting like he was going to poo, but then he was outside playing with Denni, when she ran inside to tell nanna that Landon was doing a poo in his undies. So mum gets him and can tell he has done it and she was not happy, she lost it with him telling him he knows better and why would he do that. She didn’t smack or anything and she didn’t yell but she was very angry and he knew it, she had to put him in the bath tub to remove his undies and clean him up. Then what does he do, when she goes to the toilet to get toilet paper to pick it up with and flush, she returns to see him trying to push it down the drain, yuck that didn’t help mum’s mood.

Mum is here so me and Leo are off, we drop him at school before going to see nan.

I am now back from going to see nanna and doing some shopping, mum always go to the shops after we see nanna and she usually gets something for Dave for lunch the last few weeks it has been Subway.

I don’t know why but for some reason the woman now sharing nan’s room at the nursing home annoys both me and mum, we don’t like her listening in to our conversations, ok really there isn’t anything she is doing that is annoying but for whatever reason both mum and I feel annoyed when we arrive and see her in her bed.

In other news Natasha has found a private rental place in Cardiff which is 5-10 minutes from me so Blain will be going back to staying with his mum from what I have been told this will make Blain happy, it is a 3 bedroom house with a pick back yard has only a short lease but it is something cheaper then the motel and a hell of a lot more room.

Tim has booked another few days away in the caravan, we will be going to Port Macquarie next month around the middle of the month so Kathy is stepping up and helping out with Leo getting him to and from school the two days we will be away or is it three days can’t remember is we are leaving on the Friday or the Saturday will have to check with Tim about that.

Tim is off work today he has a couple of doctors appointments which has just reminded me that I missed a doctors appointment on Monday will have to ring and reschedule I still had a migraine on Monday which I think is why I forgot, the headache wasn’t as bad as it was over the weekend but it was still there.

Moving on Saturday here was dark, cold and wet and yesterday and today it is very warm, hot even I am in shorts. I wish I could get Leo to wear shorts to school but he says no he wants long pants and of course all his long school pants have torn knees well on knee the left one. I was looking last week for new pants for him but couldn’t find any in his size, I will keep looking. I do, however, has about 6 pairs of school shorts and we are coming into summer so hopefully we can get him to wear them.

Ok that is all from me for this post

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