Just another Thursday


Here I am starting a post for this lovely dry, somewhat cool Thursday won’t get it finished though as mum will be here soon to pick me up. I have an appointment at Belmont hospital for physio to the left side of my neck and head due to all the pain I have been having. Physio through the hospital is free hence the reason I am going though the hospital.

Tim said he should be able to pick his bike up this afternoon, he gets home from work around 1.40pm so I will drive him back to Toronto to get the bike and then go straight to the school to get Leo who I will let spend another night here if he wants too but he goes back to his mum’s place tomorrow after school as he has been her since Monday night.

For all who are interested I have no idea where Natasha has been staying this week, she tells me nothing but looks like Blain will be living with his dad Monday to Friday and staying with his mum from Friday afternoon to Monday morning. So if this is the case I can see him having to change schools yet again as his dad lives around 40 minutes from here and it is a bit much to expect him or Kelli to drive all that way five days a week.

I pegged all the washing on the line and it feels like it is going to rain, so what to do, should I leave it on the line or throw it in the dryer. I will chance it and hope for the best.

Yesterday well last night to be exact we booked and paid for another cruise this one is to Papua New Guinea and again we are going with my parents their cabin has been booked too and is next to ours. We were talking about it on Sunday over lunch at my parents place and I said I hadn’t been able to find a cruise to Papua New Guinea but after lunch I had another look online and found one so made enquiries about the cruise and now it is booked and paid for. More about this at a later date.

I started this at 10.30am and it is now 4pm and I am now getting around to finishing it partly because I forgot about it when I got home from physio, anyway the physio went well the guy massaged my neck and shoulders as he said I was really tight and could do with a good massage I can tell you he hurt like hell. The guy was ok I wasn’t overly wrapped in him but I didn’t disliked him either. I have been given some exercises and told to go back in two weeks time.

All the washing dried on the line which is good no rain but it is still pretty cool/cold here.


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