Stressed and wanting to cry

Do you ever feel like crying?

Do you ever wonder why things have to be so hard, so complicated and so bloody frustrating?

Do you ever wonder why someone cannot see things from someone else’s point of view?

How hard is it to have respect for someone else, and their wishes and feelings?

Lately as in the last week or so I have felt like crying a lot and I am often feeling frustrated and feel like screaming. Natasha doesn’t see things from anyone else’s point of view, she things she does but when I was talking to her this morning and when her dad was talking to her yesterday afternoon it didn’t sound like she could get what he was saying or he get what she was saying.

She would rather fork out money to stay in a motel other than coming home, her dad has asked her to come home but she won’t she says she doesn’t want to come back only to end up fighting with her dad yet again and leaving in a mood saying she won’t ever come back. I don’t get that yes her and Tim fight they are so much alike but I feel like she is being stubborn and because she can’t have everything here her way she would rather not be here.

She really doesn’t get that this is our home and we have the right to have stuff in it, she keeps going on about how much stuff we have in the house and how we need to get rid of stuff because she doesn’t do clutter and mess. When she starts going on about the house I get upset and doesn’t get why.

I know she would be happier in her own house but at the same time she chose to give up her house and move back in here, I do not think she thought it through before she moved home, I told her it is not like she didn’t know what this house was like before she moved home. When she moved home she was talking about being here for years she didn’t even make it through one year before it all fell apart.

In other news Tim still doesn’t have his bike back so I am using Jessica’s car yet again and tonight I have said that Leo can stay here so I don’t have to get up early to go and pick him up from his mum’s to take him to school. This afternoon I have to take him bowling after school then home here for the night Tim should be home around 4.30pm so I don’t mind having him here for the night.

Yesterday was my dad’s birthday he turned 74 and we all went over for lunch well by all I mean me and Tim, Dave and his kids, Sandra and her girls, neither Jeannie or Sue turned up but it was also Sue’s granddaughter Isabel’s birthday so she was at her daughters place for her granddaughter’s birthday.

Friday was my baby sister’s birthday she was 39, like how the hell did she get that old seems like only yesterday she was a baby that I took into my bedroom with me while I listened to very loud music as well as taking her to shops and such with me and now she is 39.

We have two more birthdays this month Sue then Dave and then we are done for the month.


4 thoughts on “Stressed and wanting to cry

  1. Hugs from me too Joanne.

    And yes, there are times when I just feel like crying — so I do! And then, take a breath and ask myself, what can I do want big picture in this situation? What can I do differently? Hugs.

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