Life at my house over the weekend.


Hello everyone, how are you all on this very warm somewhat hot afternoon, hot enough for me to have the air con going for a bit to cool the house down.

What a weekend I have had Friday we had Leo for the night then we had him all day Saturday and again Saturday night and right up till around 1pm Sunday afternoon. Why you wonder well I will tell you his mum (Jessica) was a bridesmaid at a wedding on Saturday, Friday night she had a hens do with the bride and other bridesmaids and Saturday was the wedding and of course she got blind drunk at the wedding but as her dad said most people do get drunk to some level at a wedding and since Jessica isn’t much of a drinker getting blind drunk once in a blue mood is ok.

Now on Saturday night Natasha and Tim got into an argument over how he feels that this new man (Steve) n her life is rude by the way he spends all his time when here sitting in the car instead of coming inside and speaking to us.

Also on Thursday night Blain had a friend sleep over and when I asked Natasha where he would sleep she said in the lounge room, and when Tim asked her she said in the lounge room but later Thursday night Tim saw she had set up his room for the boys to sleep in and Tim said no not happening and shut and locked his door. I understand why he didn’t want a child he doesn’t know in his room and I told Natasha she should have asked Tim if it would be possible without just assuming it would be alright. It is the assuming that she can do things that really annoys Tim and Natasha cannot get that.

I feel that the reason she decided to let the boys sleep in Tim’s room was because her new man had problems when he returned to his home and they came back here and I think she thought let the boys sleep in Tim’s office and her and Steve would sleep in her room but Tim has said he doesn’t want Steve to stay over here.

We don’t know Steve and Tim is fed up with people we don’t really know staying here, Natasha says that her and Steve are not a couple they are just friends with benefits, whatever, this is our house it is her father’s income that pays the rent and 90% of the bills she does contribute a bit but not a great deal and that is ok with both me and Tim but she can’t get that this is our house and we have the right to make rules and say who can and cannot sleep here.

When Tim and Natasha were arguing I could see both sides and because when Natasha was speaking I wasn’t interrupting and jumping to Tim’s defence he thought I was siding with her, not the case I was just listening and thinking the best way to say what I wanted to say. Natasha got so angry that she stormed out saying she had to leave and walk off her anger which she did then she came home and got her car and her and Blain left for a while she did come home after she knew her dad would be in bed. This all happened as I mentioned Saturday night.

Yesterday (Sunday) she rang the Department of Housing emergency accommodation line and they have put her and Blain up in a motel in Charlestown about 5-10 minutes from us for last night and again tonight to give her and her dad some time to calm down, actually she rang them Saturday night when she was driving around but they could only put her up in a motel 90minutes from here and she didn’t have enough fuel in her car to drive that far which is why she came home.

Natasha and Tim are so alike, she is a smaller female version of Tim this I think is why they clash so much and really cannot live together, I told Tim that and reminded him that me and Kathy-Lee cannot live together it happens some people cannot live together.

I know Natasha was going to speak to the Department of Housing again this morning but have no idea how that went as I have not seen her all day except for a few minutes this morning when she was here to get Blain’s school bag.

In other news Tim’s motorbike is still at the mechanics not sure when that will be fixed but I am driving Jessica’s car she has her work car and all she does of a morning is drop Leo off here and go to work then go to Tafe then go back to work and she can take the work car to Tafe as she goes straight from work to Tafe and straight from Tafe back to work. I do like driving her car it is a 4wd and larger then my car but doesn’t feel large feels smaller I know that doesn’t make a lot of sense but that is how it feels for me.


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