The Last Post About Me, At Least For A While


As all know that I live in a suburb of Lake Macquarie in the state of New South Wales, which is on the east coast of Australia.

I was born at Western Suburbs Maternity hospital, as mentioned in the last post about me that we lived with my grandparents for a while before we moved to a Dept of housing place in Blacksmiths about 20 minutes from my grandparents mum and dad didn’t really like living that far away from my grandparents and when I was

Education: Year 10 of high school, I left in 1979, in 1980 I did a secretarial course at Tafe but that was only because my best friend at the time thought about doing it and I went along with her and I got into the course and she didn’t.

Siblings: Well I have 3 sisters and 1 brother all younger then me and as everyone should know we are all pretty close and see each other at least once a week

Hobbies: Reading, I love to read and I have a book in the car and I listen to an audio book while driving. I also love blogging as you all will know I like to read blog posts most days of the week usually around 30-40 blog posts a day but I do limit myself to only a couple of hours of blogging in the morning.

What I wanted to be when I grew up: A mother, yes that is what I wanted to do, I never had a job that I wanted to do all I knew was that I wanted to get married and have children and spend my time raising my children. This I achieved

Favourite Colour: Don’t have one favourite colour, I like shades of purple and I like shades of pink and some shades of yellow so more then one colour.


31 Today, Happy Birthday Precious


On this day 31 years ago, at 3.50am my beautiful, precious daughter Kathy-Lee was born weighing 5lb 13oz it was a Tuesday and after she was born all I wanted to do was sleep so her dad held her for a bloody long time and she spent the whole time looking at him into his eyes, this formed a strong bond between the two.

Kathy has always preferred her dad over me, there has been many times in her life that I felt she didn’t need me or want me around. Kathy and I have clashed a lot over the years she stills says I kicked her out of home when she was 18, for the record I DID NOT. However, when she was 18 she started thinking about moving out of home and thus started applying for rental places one of which was her first flat in Charlestown.


She came with me to the property inspection she said she liked it and so I filled in the application form and handed it in for her and when she got it I spent the whole first day laying carpet in the kitchen/ lounge-room area, it wasn’t new carpet it was an of cut bit I found in a bin at the back of a carpet store they did and at times still do toss out off cuts.

I also stayed there while her dad moved furniture in for her along with my parents and my sister Sue, thinking about it now was Tim there I think he was but not sure, not important I guess. I left when she got home from work, her first car was one that I had which I gave to her. I do not remember why she moved from that flat other then she wanted a change, but not important.

I remember when she was in 1st class at school I used to walk her to and from school most days and let her dad take the car to work, well this one day I pick her up and we get out the front of the school and she didn’t want to walk home and threw a tantrum, I knelt and told her calmly we had to walk as I did not have a car she spat in my face, so what did I do I slapped her face. I then spent the rest of the day and next few days worrying that one of the other parents would report me to Docs ( Department of Children Services) for slapping her face, no one did and she never spat in my face again.

As a child she gave me a lot of worry because she acted like she hated her youngest sister Jessica she often threaten to kill Jessica and told me I couldn’t always be there to protect Jessica so I could never leave the two of them alone. She often told Jessica she was adopted and not really part of the family.

Today they get on really well it only took 20 odd years…………………lol

A few years back sitting here in my lounge-room me and my girls were talking about how children will say they hate their mother or father and I said to Kathy how she would often tell me she hated me but I knew she didn’t mean it and she doesn’t hate me to which she replied “there are times when I really do hate you mother” that hurt it still hurts when I think about it she was no longer a child having a tantrum but a 26 year old mother herself.


As a mother Kathy rocks, she is amazing, she is one to interact with her children each and every day, she plays with her children to the point that for a while they didn’t know how to play alone without mummy that has changed but often they still prefer mummy to play games with them and entertain and amuse them. This of course can be frustrating for Kathy when she wants them to amuse themselves while she cooks tea or does the laundry or other housework.

Kathy-Lee is in a serious long term relationship with Michael with who she has a daughter Summer, she is happy and Michael is a good man, he loves and treats her eldest daughter Sydney-May as his own daughter and Sydney-May loves Michael like a second daddy.

All in all her father and I are super proud of Kathy-Lee she has grown into a wonderful woman a loving and caring mother and daughter who is there for us when we need her, she has been helping me with my grocery shopping on Friday’s do I need her help yes and no do I like her help yes, do I enjoy her company sure do. I also enjoy seeing Summer on the Friday.


National Flag Day was a week ago, my bad


Does anyone know when the Australian National Flag Day is, no well it is  on the 3rd September, it commemorates the day in 1901 on which the Australian National Flag was first flown. On that day the Prime Minister Edmund Barton announced the winners of a competition to design a flag for Australia.

A large flag 5.5 by 11 metres was flown over the dome of the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne, it wasn’t till the 28th August 1996 that the Governor-General of Australia, Sir William Dean issued a proclamation that officially established the 3rd of September as Australian National Flag Day, it is not a public holiday so most people do not even know we have a national flag day.

Many people would like to see our flag changed to something different, I am not one of them, I really don’t see the point in changing the flag, some have said there should be a referendum like they had in New Zealand about changing the flag but since New Zealand voted on changing the flag and the vote decided to keep their flag as it is some now say if we had a vote they thing the majority would vote to keep the flag as is as well.

What Happened To Tuesday

Hi all, what happened to Tuesday, stuffed if I know, after taking the boys to school I came home and read some blogs opened up a page to write a post got distracted then had to go to have a CT Scan of my brain, not to make sure it’s there but to see if it showed a reason for all the bloody awful headaches I have been getting. Before the scan I went to the library so I left home at 11am and didn’t get home again till 3.20pm as by the time I was done at the Xray place I had to go get the boys from school.

Blain said he was walking home but he didn’t tell me he was walking home till after he got out of school, so I left him to walk home while I went to get Leo but I didn’t let Leo come home to my place instead I dropped him off at his own house. Blain said he didn’t want Leo here in the afternoons and so I am not bringing him here as that means I end up having to deal with them fighting. I know it is upsetting for Leo when I say he can’t come over after school but I cannot see the point in him coming here if Blain doesn’t want him here they only end up fighting.

Thankfully Blain told me this morning he would be walking home so he took his phone with him this morning, he hands the phone into the office when he gets to school and picks it up in the afternoon as children are not allowed to have mobile phones at school.

This morning mum and I went to see nan as we do each Wednesday and nan was in a happy mood laughing and babbling to someone, when I asked her who was making her laugh she said Ron that is my deceased grandfather, it was nice to see her laughing and sounding so happy usually she just sleeps while we are there.

Mum asked me how I would feel if we changed the day we go see nan from Wednesday to Tuesday, she would like to take Landon and Denni with us when we go out mum has Landon every Monday and Tuesday and he has a habit of getting into mischief so she thought if we take him out with us it might give him something to occupy his mind/time.

Just a thought how many of you know how to use a dictionary, may sound like a silly question but I was just looking up how to spell mischief and occupy and had a flash of memory to a few years back when my youngest daughter said she didn’t understand how to use a dictionary. Yeah she said that I said how hard is it, she said if you don’t know how to spell a word how can you find it in the dictionary. To which I replied well generally speaking you have an idea how to spell the word so you look up how you think it is spelt and find the correct spelling, she couldn’t get it she was in her late teens early 20’s at the time. Now days you have spell checker on your computer but still at times it doesn’t always pick up the word you are trying to spell like mischief it wasn’t coming up with the correct spelling so I used the dictionary the problem was I left the c out and for some reason it just didn’t come up with the right spelling.

Father’s Day Weekend

dad day 1

Well Monday is here yet again, how was everyone’s weekend?

Mine was somewhat busy, Saturday saw Kathy arriving here at 8am to dye Natasha’s hair only to find Natasha still in bed asleep, Kathy was not amused I can tell you. Then she goes to start her hair only to find that Natasha was nearly out of the product she uses to bleach her black roots this saw Natasha asking me if I would go and get more I said yes were did I get it from she said Price Attack or Priceline so I go to Charlie ( Charlestown Square shopping centre) only to get there at 8.50am they stores didn’t open till 9am so had to wait. I went to Priceline first so I could get Leo’s Webster pack for school while I was there. Well it turned out that Priceline didn’t sell it so I had to go to Price Attack they didn’t sell it any more so headed down stairs to the Hair Warehouse they are no longer in the square. So I then had to drive to Glendale shopping centre about 15 minutes away to the Hair Warehouse store there and they had it I got the last jar of the damn stuff they had in stock.

I then get home and cook a hot breakfast for the family, bacon, eggs, hash browns after breakfast I had to hang Natasha’s washing on the line, ok didn’t have to do it I chose to do it because she was busy.

In all this I had my mum ring me for a chat, she wanted to tell me what a bastard my sister’s partner is the dickhead smashed her phone (Mobile) with a hammer because he found out she was on Facebook what a bastard, he bought her a new phone but wanted one that didn’t have Facebook on it but of course my other sister managed to find a way she could get Facebook on it so who got the last laugh. I wouldn’t put up with that shit, Tim doesn’t understand Facebook but he wouldn’t tell me not to get on it he does say not to post stuff about him on Facebook which I don’t so all good. Tim also doesn’t get blogging and would rather I not talk about him in my blog posts but too bad I do and since he doesn’t read the blog he doesn’t know what I say about him which I guess is a good thing.

Anyway back to my weekend, Sunday was Father’s Day here in Aus, which meant that Tim and I went over to my parents place for lunch we had KFC which of course mum and I went and bought and of course when we get back no one has cleared the kitchen table to set it for lunch as per usual, followed by a nice sponge cake I picked up from the supermarket that morning. Dad likes his sponge cakes hell I like sponge cakes prefer it over mud cake just saying.


Tim was quiet pleased with is Father’s Day presents I got him this mug and a T Shirt that said

I want you to know someone cares, not me but someone” I saw the shirt of Friday and it just sounded like Tim. Leo got him a cap that said “ Australia’s Greatest Dad” and a keyring that said “I love Papa” Jessica got him a $100 gift card for Flight Centre to go towards a holiday and Natasha got him a $50 gift card from Supercheap.


I gave my dad two books and got in trouble from my sister because I didn’t get a gift for her to give him she didn’t remind me she needed anything I need to know these things if I am to arrange something.

Anyway Jessica and Leo didn’t turn up here to see Tim till 5pm and didn’t leave till around 8pm while she was here she was asking me when I was going to get a new phone (mobile) because mine was so slow I said I didn’t know after talking for a bit she asked if I would like to have her old Samsung Note I said yes so now I have a newer and faster phone and my old one I have given to Leo to play games on and watch Youtube on.

Natasha has a new man in her life and she wants him to sleep over on Friday and Saturday nights but Tim said no he doesn’t know the guy and doesn’t want him to stay over, I understand this as I understand how Natasha feels when she asked me I said I would talk to Tim and see what he says but when he said no well that was that, but of course Natasha says she helps pay the rent, she doesn’t she gives me only $50 per week board money. It is her fathers income that pays 99% of the household bills and as such he has the right to say whether he wants someone to stay over but of course she doesn’t get that she thinks he is being unfair and has said to me that he has to pull his head in and get over it if she wants someone to stay they can stay she is so wrong but she doesn’t get it.

Ok I have rambled on long enough for one post about my weekend, till next time stay happy and safe.

They came to blows

Hi everyone, how is everyone?

I am well here, it has been a lovely warm day here in Newie.

This morning Blain and Leo came to blows over a bloody $2 toy knife, when I say blows I mean it there were throwing punches and after a minute or so Tasha and I stepped in and separated them but minutes later they were at it again.

Blain was punching Leo in the gut and when he saw the chance Leo punched Blain in the face this Natasha thought was out of hand as Blain had started to look away when she told them to stop it I don’t completely agree I think both boys were wound up and Leo saw it as a chance to land a good one on Blain.

By the time we left for school 15 minutes later Leo was over it but Blain not so much, it takes Blain a long time to get over things, Leo is more like me once he has blown up he will get over it pretty quick.

Yesterday we sent Leo to school with money for the Father’s Day stall but he didn’t get anything, why, well because the Father’s Day stall is today not yesterday so we made sure he had money again today, at least he didn’t spend the money yesterday on stuff from the canteen he brought the money home.

Blain’s Father’s Day stall is tomorrow so I hope his mum remembers to give him money for it.

I had to go to the doctor today, when I get there he asks me why I am there and I say no idea I was told you wanted to see me, he checked his notes and asked if I had a problem with me feet but I don’t have so he went out spoke to someone came back and said he had no idea why I was there. I did,however, speak to him about the terrible headaches I have been getting every day for the last month or so, he has refereed me to have a CT Scan of my brain. I will arrange this tomorrow sometime.

That is all I have for this post.