At Last A Break Away In The Caravan

Hello everyone here I am starting a post on Saturday no hang on it is Friday not Saturday why do I think it is Saturday well because I am away on a short break we are at the Forest Holiday Park which as you may guess is in Foster. We arrived her yesterday afternoon and guess what it was raining in fact by 3.30pm it was pissing down.

Forster is a 3 hour drive north of where we live yes we have at last managed to get away in our caravan, and the first thing we did after Tim set the van up was go to the shops to get things such as a broom drinking glasses and a TV also got a clock for the van.

This morning we have to go the shops again for more things we need such as a kettle, washing up things and some things Tim want.

Our first night was good we both slept on but you know what at 3am yes bloody 3am my alarm went off and I had to get up to turn it off, that is your fault Natasha, the 3am alarm is for her when she works anyway because I was up I pulled on some long pants slipped on my slippers and went to the toilet, it was fine not raining hadn’t rained in a while as the ground was dry. Thankfully we are located close to the amenities block only a short work thing 30 seconds so when I say close I mean close.

This park has free wifi but only 100mb but that is enough for me to post a blog post check Facebook and such I am not going to be online the whole time, other things to do.

Oh yeah last night Tim said he was glad we went and bought a telly as if he didn’t have it he would be bored, I of course wouldn’t be but I am a reader and when I have a book I am not bored. Although what is with Tim leaving the door and windows open it is pretty damn cold here at the moment I am sure it may warm up but right now it is cold.

One thing I am finding slightly annoying is that the seats at the table are either too low or the table is too high, I am coping but it is annoying. Remember I am on 4′ 11” tall or should that read short……………lol

Took a while to get the fridge working Tim had it set wrong and he went to check how much water was in the tank and he can’t get the tank open which is annoy at the moment there is water in the tank but we will need to add to it at some point.

Ok that is all from me for this Friday morning.


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