My Saturday and Monday Morning But Mostly My Saturday

Three times yesterday I sat to write a post and each time I was interrupted and never got around to doing a post so here I am on Monday morning at last doing a post. Some of this I wrote yesterday some of it I have written today.

Do you get bored, I don’t yesterday (Saturday) when I got up all was good but between the time it took me to get dressed go to the loo an head out to the kitchen we lost power, Leo was here with me and asked if the neighbours had power I said I didn’t know he said he would go find out, so he went over and asked Kevin if he had power, he didn’t then he went up the driveway and asked a few other neighbours some had power some didn’t have power. So Kevin checked the fuse/power box and he could tell that some of the units had power some didn’t, so he went and rang the Dept of Housing who said they would report the loss of power to Ausgrid and someone would be out to check out what was going on between the time he rang which was 8am and 4pm.

So Jessica gets here at 8.30 to get Leo and she said to me what are you going to do with no power how bored are you going to be, I said I don’t get bored and would be fine and I was I wrote by hand a letter to an overseas pen pal and then read all the letters I had here from pen pals about 6 letters then I was able to use the laptop and write out a letter ready to be printed when the power came back on also d id a few other things. At 1.35 I thought well now what maybe I will have a nap while I wait for power to come back on but at 1.45 the power came back on and all was good, so didn’t fet bored at all.

Leo said when we had no power why did we have to need power to watch TV and use the internet, I said because we do it is just the way it is, he said well what I am going to do, I said ride your bike do your Lego, draw he looks at me and said yeah I will go and do some Lego but 20 minutes later his mum was here to get him so he was happy to go home which is rare he usually doesn’t want to leave when she gets here.

I was speaking to mum about how Leo was and how Jessica thought I would be bored and she said it is because we grew up in a time that didn’t have electronic devices that entertained us that we are able to find things to do to keep us busy and entertained when there is no power. She may be onto something.

Natasha turned up to have a shower at 1.15 and said could I do a load of washing for her, I said I would when the power comes back on then she said bugga, followed by do we have hot water of course we had hot water so she had a shower then left again.

Speaking of Natasha we don’t see a lot of her lately since she met a new man Steve who she says is not her boyfriend he is just a friend she has sex with at times but she is spending all her free time with him, Natasha is one of those people who when there is a new man in her life everyone and everything else falls by the way side, including at times her son although she doesn’t see it or think it but that is how it seems to others which should say something.

Now I don’t care if she wants to spend all her time with this guy if Blain is at school or at his fathers but when he is home here she needs to be spending some one on one time with Blain as he gets jealous if she isn’t spending much time with her.

Today (Monday) I am going to watch my granddaughters while their mum does something, I asked her if she will drive me to Lake Fair as Tim to the car to work and I have to go out and do a few things for mum it is annoying that he took the car as it is fine not wet or cold so he could have taken his bike I wouldn’t care if I didn’t need to go out.

Well that is enough ramblings for this post until next time stay happy and enjoy life.


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