Jo-Anne Not Joanne Just Saying


Hello everyone, as all of you know my name is Jo-Anne but how many of you if any know anything about the name Jo-Anne or Joanne so I thought I would tell you a little I have found out about the name. It is ranked 251 on a list of most used names and there is about 2382100 people in the world with the name, it is said to mean God is gracious it is of Hebrew origin and seems to be a popular name for girls.

There are a number of different spellings of the name such as Joann, JoAnn, Johanne, Joanne, and Jo-Anne which is how I spell it , I am particular and the name has to be hyphenated with a capital J and A.

It is considered a variant of Joanna, although in modern English the name is often a compound of the two names Jo and Anna thus why we get the spellings of JoAnne, Jo-Anne or Jo Anne, however, the original name Joanna in ancient Greek and Latin is a single unit name, not a compound. The name Anne or Anna means grace or to be gracious.

The name was very popular during the 1960’s and 1970’s when it was often among the top 10 names for girls, however, by the 1980’s it had fallen out of the top 10 and by 1994 it wasn’t even in the top 100. When I was at school in year 6 there were 6 girls in my class with the name Joanne although I was the only one who spelt it Jo-Anne so I felt I stood out and was a little different.

I like my name, and my eldest granddaughter has the name Joanne as her middle name yes she was named after me. I was named after my great-grandmother who was Mary Anne but mum didn’t want to call me Mary she liked the name Jo so I was named Jo-Anne, a name I have always liked unlike some people who I know who have at times not liked their name.


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