I have a brain and Denni is 4


I have a brain, yes it is there, well that is what the doctor told me today when I saw him, he did say I have some kinda cyst he did give it a name but for the love of me I can’t remember what he said. I have to go back next week so I will ask him to print out the report from the radiologist so I can tell Tim and anyone else who cares.

I had to have another Xray done today of my left shoulder as I have had a lot of pain in it the last week or so I said I thought I must had slept wrong but he said to have an Xray anyway to make sure I haven’t done anything bad to it. So when I go back and get the results I will ask him for a print out of the results of the scan and the Xray.

Blain is home he went to school yesterday and was back here last night, both yesterday and this afternoon he walked home from school it is much better for me with him walking home from school. I like the fact that I can be there when Leo gets out, what I don’t like is that Leo always wants to come back here after school and most days Blain doesn’t want him around and will go off to his mates and leave Leo here.

Natasha has had a fair bit of work this week, today she was suppose to be off but they rang this morning and wanted her to go do a job this is ok but also annoying when she had already made other plans for the day and had to change her plans. She loves the day work but it is annoying when she has to change her plans last minute as she has to work.

In other news 4 years ago today at Denni Jean was born at 9.46pm she was 6lb 5oz funny how here in Australia it has been metric for so long but when we talk about a baby’s birth it is still pounds and ounces. Denni is the youngest daughter of my sister Sandra brother in-law Ed she has an older sister Temika 6 and older brother Zac 18, her best friend is Landon 4 who is also her cousin she calls him “My Landon”, she is the most adorable little girl.



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