Tired and Sick so Nothing Much Today

Good morning all it is another cool day here in Newie, I am not feeling well this morning started yesterday afternoon/evening just feeling tight in the chest and back and have a headache but I have headaches pretty much every day lately and for the last week or so, I have had pain in my left shoulder and neck area, I have to rub stuff into it for the pain at night in order to sleep.

Yesterday Jessica rang me to ask if I could take jump leads over so someone could jump start her car she left the interior light on over night and had a flat battery. She also wanted me to take Leo to bowling after school which I did because I do these things when I cannot get out of them, he does like bowling.

Blain is still at his fathers well he was yesterday, not sure about today as I haven’t been told where he is at his dad’s or at school, he has tonsillitis and has not been well he is on antibiotics for it, from what Natasha said his father was making out it was somehow her fault that Blain got sick, really, I don’t think so these things happen.

Just had a property inspection to check the condition of the property, not a worry for me nothing wrong here, the guy checked the smoke detectors and looked in each room and left, the whole thing took less then 20 minutes.

When I went out this morning to take Leo to school, I left the letter about the inspection taped to the glass door saying that I had to take a child to school and would be back soon, thankfully he didn’t turn up while I was out.

What gets me is that I am home I have the front sliding door open and still the guy went to the other door, makes one wonder do they not look, our wooden front door is out of use as the screen door is locked and we can’t find the key but I am going to see if I can get Tim to change the lock on the screen door so we can start using the door again.

It isn’t even 11am and I am so tired, I feel like I have been up for hours ok have been up for hours but still feeling this tired isn’t the norm, some would say go have a nap but I don’t want to do that.

Sorry I don’t have much news today, I am just too tired and not with it enough to write about anything interesting.


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