National Flag Day was a week ago, my bad


Does anyone know when the Australian National Flag Day is, no well it is  on the 3rd September, it commemorates the day in 1901 on which the Australian National Flag was first flown. On that day the Prime Minister Edmund Barton announced the winners of a competition to design a flag for Australia.

A large flag 5.5 by 11 metres was flown over the dome of the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne, it wasn’t till the 28th August 1996 that the Governor-General of Australia, Sir William Dean issued a proclamation that officially established the 3rd of September as Australian National Flag Day, it is not a public holiday so most people do not even know we have a national flag day.

Many people would like to see our flag changed to something different, I am not one of them, I really don’t see the point in changing the flag, some have said there should be a referendum like they had in New Zealand about changing the flag but since New Zealand voted on changing the flag and the vote decided to keep their flag as it is some now say if we had a vote they thing the majority would vote to keep the flag as is as well.


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