What Happened To Tuesday

Hi all, what happened to Tuesday, stuffed if I know, after taking the boys to school I came home and read some blogs opened up a page to write a post got distracted then had to go to have a CT Scan of my brain, not to make sure it’s there but to see if it showed a reason for all the bloody awful headaches I have been getting. Before the scan I went to the library so I left home at 11am and didn’t get home again till 3.20pm as by the time I was done at the Xray place I had to go get the boys from school.

Blain said he was walking home but he didn’t tell me he was walking home till after he got out of school, so I left him to walk home while I went to get Leo but I didn’t let Leo come home to my place instead I dropped him off at his own house. Blain said he didn’t want Leo here in the afternoons and so I am not bringing him here as that means I end up having to deal with them fighting. I know it is upsetting for Leo when I say he can’t come over after school but I cannot see the point in him coming here if Blain doesn’t want him here they only end up fighting.

Thankfully Blain told me this morning he would be walking home so he took his phone with him this morning, he hands the phone into the office when he gets to school and picks it up in the afternoon as children are not allowed to have mobile phones at school.

This morning mum and I went to see nan as we do each Wednesday and nan was in a happy mood laughing and babbling to someone, when I asked her who was making her laugh she said Ron that is my deceased grandfather, it was nice to see her laughing and sounding so happy usually she just sleeps while we are there.

Mum asked me how I would feel if we changed the day we go see nan from Wednesday to Tuesday, she would like to take Landon and Denni with us when we go out mum has Landon every Monday and Tuesday and he has a habit of getting into mischief so she thought if we take him out with us it might give him something to occupy his mind/time.

Just a thought how many of you know how to use a dictionary, may sound like a silly question but I was just looking up how to spell mischief and occupy and had a flash of memory to a few years back when my youngest daughter said she didn’t understand how to use a dictionary. Yeah she said that I said how hard is it, she said if you don’t know how to spell a word how can you find it in the dictionary. To which I replied well generally speaking you have an idea how to spell the word so you look up how you think it is spelt and find the correct spelling, she couldn’t get it she was in her late teens early 20’s at the time. Now days you have spell checker on your computer but still at times it doesn’t always pick up the word you are trying to spell like mischief it wasn’t coming up with the correct spelling so I used the dictionary the problem was I left the c out and for some reason it just didn’t come up with the right spelling.


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