They came to blows

Hi everyone, how is everyone?

I am well here, it has been a lovely warm day here in Newie.

This morning Blain and Leo came to blows over a bloody $2 toy knife, when I say blows I mean it there were throwing punches and after a minute or so Tasha and I stepped in and separated them but minutes later they were at it again.

Blain was punching Leo in the gut and when he saw the chance Leo punched Blain in the face this Natasha thought was out of hand as Blain had started to look away when she told them to stop it I don’t completely agree I think both boys were wound up and Leo saw it as a chance to land a good one on Blain.

By the time we left for school 15 minutes later Leo was over it but Blain not so much, it takes Blain a long time to get over things, Leo is more like me once he has blown up he will get over it pretty quick.

Yesterday we sent Leo to school with money for the Father’s Day stall but he didn’t get anything, why, well because the Father’s Day stall is today not yesterday so we made sure he had money again today, at least he didn’t spend the money yesterday on stuff from the canteen he brought the money home.

Blain’s Father’s Day stall is tomorrow so I hope his mum remembers to give him money for it.

I had to go to the doctor today, when I get there he asks me why I am there and I say no idea I was told you wanted to see me, he checked his notes and asked if I had a problem with me feet but I don’t have so he went out spoke to someone came back and said he had no idea why I was there. I did,however, speak to him about the terrible headaches I have been getting every day for the last month or so, he has refereed me to have a CT Scan of my brain. I will arrange this tomorrow sometime.

That is all I have for this post.


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