About me and my siblings

SiblingsSo lets talk about my siblings as all will know I have three sisters and one brother all younger then me which is ok with me I have no problem being the eldest, however, I have to say I often feel left out I don’t know why I just do.

I married Tim way back when and I guess that is why I have been pretty independent, I had Tim and I had Kathy-Lee and Natasha and later of course Jessica and my girls took up my time so I didn’t have time to hang out with my sisters Jeannie and Sue. Sue in fact when she was only 16 decided to go and live with Rex her boyfriend at the time who was 32 yeah you read that right she later married him but then when her youngest Kelli was only a toddler she left him and they later divorced.

Sue lived about a 40-45 minuted drive from the rest of the family and we didn’t see her very often to be honest way back then I felt that Rex didn’t like our family and that was why she didn’t come to many family functions not even Christmas, I don’t know for a fact that was how he felt it was just the feeling I got.

Also Sandra and David are a lot younger then me, I was 15 when Sandy was born and 16 when Dave was born so when I married Tim and left home they were still pretty young I was nearly 22 when I married Tim.

Of course now that we are all older and such we still all see each other often and talk often, hell I am going to dog sit for Dave at the end of the month and I spoke to Sandy last night and saw Jeannie on Friday with Sandy and Dave at breakfast at the local shopping centre.

I know I am lucky to be so close to my siblings as I know some people are not, people like Tim he hasn’t really spoken to any of his siblings since his step-father passed away and as some will know Tim doesn’t talk to his father any more.

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