A to Z from me about stuff

Hi am pinching this from Lauren who can be found here: http://www.lotfortyeightblog.com, she pinched it from Erin who can be found here: http://www.twothirdshazel.com and now I am using it because it is a post I don’t have to think much about to write.

A- age: 53

B- biggest fear: Losing a loved one

C – current time: 12.55pm

D – drink you last had. Pepsi Max

E- every day starts with… Blogging (more or less)

F – favourite song. Don’t have one

G – ghosts, are they real? Sure are

H- hometown. Gateshead (suburb of Newcastle)

I- in love with Tim ( husband)

J – jealous of: Nothing and no one don’t do jealous

K – killed someone? Only in my dreams

L- last time you cried? A few nights ago (don’t know why)

M – middle name: Nita named after my great aunt

N- number of siblings: 4, 3 sisters & 1 brother

O- one wish. Happiness for those I love

P – person you last called. Mum

Q – question you’re always asked: W hat’s for…………lunch or tea (dinner)

R – reason to smile. My family

S- song last sang. Can’t remember

T – time you woke up. 7.45am

U – underwear colour. Black

V- vacation destination. Anywhere

W – worst habit. Not being able to say no to the family

X – Xrays you’ve had Knees, Hips and back

Y- your favourite food. Pizza

Z – zodiac sign. Scorpio

Now….. you go, if you feel like it if not then don’t


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