He doesn’t listen and he doesn’t look but still I love him

Tim in Tassie

As all know, I love Tim but sometimes he drives me crazy he doesn’t think, doesn’t listen and doesn’t look. The other night he asked me to get something for him when I do the shopping tomorrow, so I told him to write it on the list on the fridge.

Now for the last few years I have had a shopping list note pad on the fridge but since it isn’t the list I take with me I write things that we run out of on the list and Thursday night when I do the shopping list I take the sheet of paper into the lounge room where I am writing out the shopping list and add the things from it to the shopping list and cross out what has been written and using a fridge magnet I attach the sheet of paper to the fridge for future use.

So I use one sheet off the pad a number of times I write on both sides of the paper and as said I attach the sheet to the fridge with a magnet.

Now for some reason whenever Tim writes something down he uses a fresh sheet of paper doesn’t matter that I have a sheet there with things written on it already he still writes on a new sheet of paper.

So the other night when I see him go to use a new sheet I walked out and said use this sheet that already has things written on it, what does he say, “oh I didn’t know there was a sheet already being used” open your eyes and look Tim it is there right next to the pad you were going to write on.

If it was a new thing I was doing I would get that he may not realise but what the hell Tim I have been doing things this way for a few years. He also had the nerve to say that I never tell him what I am doing and he had no idea what all the sheets of paper were on the fridge for.

He also has a terrible habit of walking away when someone is talking to him if he isn’t interested in what is being said or he tunes out and just doesn’t listen then he complains that I didn’t tell him something, it isn’t that I didn’t tell him it is that he wasn’t interested so he didn’t take it in.

So what I have to end this with is that love can be so annoying…………………………….

2 thoughts on “He doesn’t listen and he doesn’t look but still I love him

  1. That started off so sweet, then my hair started to fall out from frustration. I’m sure, too, that after illuminating him to the fact system you’ve been implementing for years that he’ll still drag out another paper. Love is certainly a dance with a dash of annoyance.

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