About Me Growing Up

Now today I am going to tell you what I wanted to do when I grew up, some people know what path they wanted their life to take like what job the wanted to have but me not so much as a child I never thought about what I wanted to do when I grew up.

I went to school because it was what was expected when I left school I had no plans or ideas my best friend at school wanted to do a secretarial course at the local Tafe (technical and further education) so I went with her to enrol as it turned out I got into the course and she didn’t she did a night-time receptionist course.

When that was over I started to look for work but really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, I applied for secretarial and receptionist type work only getting a 17 week training job to give me some experience.

Deep down I knew what I wanted to do I wanted to me a mother and spend my days raising my children but I didn’t even have a boyfriend and when my nan asked me one day what type of man would I like to marry I didn’t know what to say. All I could think of was a man like my dad who in my eyes was perfect, hell he still is pretty prefect.

I was lucky that I meet Tim who is so much like my dad it isn’t funny, and he was happy for me to stay home and raise our daughters, I wanted to have 5 children Tim wanted to only have 2 so we compromised and had 3.

Both Tim and I wanted girls more then boys, when I was pregnant with Jessica many would say do you want a boy this time, we were like no not really if we have a boy then that will be great but if not then so be it. It was not important, in fact usually when asked what we wanted boy or girl we would say healthy we wanted a healthy baby that was the most important thing to us.


5 thoughts on “About Me Growing Up

  1. I can relate, Joanne. It’s pretty hard to know what you want to do when we’re dropped into the world in your teens. If we haven’t been exposed to what’s going on out there how can we know what direction to take. That was my case and, as it turned out, I married when I was 19. I didn’t really even think about wanting to go out and do anything. I knew I wanted a family, like you, and travel. Now, in our 50th year of marriage, I beginning to explore that again.

  2. I guess I’m more like my mother than i thought. I have no idea where i wanna go in life, but i know kids are in the picture. I want to be a stay at home mum but with so many financial factors involved, that just can’t be the case. I’m just grateful i was given the chance to stay at home with them for a little while.

    1. Yes I know you love being at home with your girls but you are also like your dad in that you like to work and make money to be able to enjoy things in life but if has to be the right job and a job with children would suit you to a tee, just saying precious.

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