This and That

Hello everyone, life here is good the weather today is really pretty warm and dry and for the second day this week I do not have to get Leo from school as his mum doesn’t have any work this afternoon but the next three days she will need me to get him from school.

On Sunday night when she dropped the boys off she tells me that Leo’s shoes fell apart so she would have to buy him new shoes for school, which she did thankfully other wise he would have had to have the day off school, see she can do things when she really has to.

Tim is off work today, he has to have a CT Scan of his sinuses and put in for a couple of hours off but they gave him the whole day off instead.

Yesterday was Landon’s 4th birthday he was spoilt with presents most of which he got on Sunday when we were all at nan & pop’s place and he had a big ass cake well not an ass cake but a big cake. Why so big? Don’t know just the size his mum ordered she said she didn’t realise it would be so big. The cake was nice though.

Mum said yesterday he was carrying the card from Aunty Jo and Uncle Tim around because it had his name on it. However, not long after he was dropped off mum found him in the lounge room looking sad and like he was going to cry, when she asked him what was wrong he said nothing but she could tell something was wrong turned out he wanted his mum and thought she was taking too long to turn up. She had things to do before she could go over and see him when she did turn up his mood improved.

Last night while I was on the phone to mum we lost power, no power no phone, so I had to ring her back on my mobile we had no power for just under and hour and Blain was complaining a bit that he was bored as there was no tv and he couldn’t use it Xbox. We also had no lights and it was after dark so the house was pretty dark.

Natasha made the comment that she thinks it would be cool to have lived in a time that there was no power a simpler time I said you only say that because you like many have this image of what it would be like which is in fact very different to what it was like. My mum who grew up in the country with no lights only lamps you had to lite and no heating only an open fireplace and a wood burning stove that had to be lit first thing in the morning and went all day. Also as mum said back in those days many places didn’t have inside toilets often just a dunny down the back. Mum says she wouldn’t like to live like that again.

Tim said to me you can at least use the internet, I told him no can’t do that I am however, doing other stuff on the laptop that doesn’t involve being online. I had a mini melt down as when I went to get batteries Jessica had taken all my batteries over the weekend. Tim got pissed off because when he went to start up the generator it wouldn’t start and he couldn’t figure out why and it pissed him off.


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