About Port Denarau


Now let me tell you about Port Denarau, it is an island just of the coast of Fiji;s main island Viti Levu this is a larger island and has many luxurious hotels, a golf course with immaculately manicured residential estates with palm tree lined streets and some of the best sporting facilities in the pacific.


It has a population of over 10,000 those on the island speak English, Fijian and Hindi the currency is the Fijian dollar but many stores also accept both Australian and American dollars.

The island is attached to the Fijian mainland by a causeway, access to the island is via tender from the ship as the ship was too large for the harbour. The weather when were were there was nice sunny but not too hot nor humid.


This is the island that Tim saw the dentist on and which because of all the mucking around that resulted in I didn’t get to see much of interest, I did notice that the stores at the marina and would have liked to wonder through them but by the time all was said and done with Tim and his teeth I was too exhausted to do so.

Jo-Anne Port Den

When we were being driven around the place the areas often looked dirty compared to the marina but the people were mostly friendly and they tried to be helpful, would I go back there yeah I would.


Uncle Ronnie’s Funeral

Uncle Ronnie and Eileen and Bree

Hello everyone it is Friday around lunch time here and yeah I know you are thinking what the hell Jo-Anne you don’t post at this time of day on a Friday or really very often at all on a Friday, but here I am writing a post today this is because I have Leo and he doesn’t want me to go shopping and leave him home alone not that I would but still asked him I could pop down the road to check the mail but no he didn’t want me to do that either so I have to wait for Kathy to come back from doing something for Natasha so she can stay with the Leo while I go out and do my shopping.

nan & her kids

Yesterday I had to go to the funeral of my uncle Ronnie, it was a good turnout with about 60 or so people turning up, did I cry a little but not much, mum was upset a bit at times he was her younger brother by nearly 2 years he was born on the 28th November 1941 and mum was born the 30th January 1940.

Here is a story about Uncle Ronnie I remember mum telling me that for years the family celebrated his birthday on the 27th because that is when nan thought he was born but when they got his birth certificate he was born on the 28th this is because he was born at midnight and nan thought it was just before midnight and the hospital said it was just after midnight the hospital had his birthday down at the 28th not the 27th, go figure.

Uncle Ronnie

Uncle Ronnie like his younger sister Diane had two middle names Maxwell and James, Diane’s middle names were Mary and Isabel but mum has only one Jean and uncle Frank also has only one which is David.

Speaking of Uncle Frank he still doesn’t know that Uncle Ronnie has died as he is overseas and mum hasn’t been able to contact him she has sent a text message and tried to ring him a few times but nope can’t reach him.

Also the reverend that conducted the service was a dill she stuffed up the names referring to his wife as Florence then corrected herself as his wife was Eileen his mum is Florence and he said he had two sisters Francis and Mavis but Francis is his brother not his sister so she got that wrong too. She said she didn’t know Ronnie and this is true but she had notes about who was who and still got it wrong.


We didn’t hang around much after the service we did of course go the cemetery and then back to the hall for a bite to eat and a cuppa but really didn’t have much I had a can of soft drink and a party sausage roll and party pie then we left and came home. It was a 3 hour drive to and from the funeral and I wasn’t the best yesterday my balance was shocking couldn’t stand still or walk without stumbling around, I don’t like the family to see me like that as it makes them worry about me.

Well that is it for this post till next time be happy, be safe and enjoy life

Still having car troubles and Tim is having body troubles

Hello everyone well yesterday Tim drove our car to work and the mechanic said it might have been a one of and not to worry. Well when he was driving home last night he had no headlights at all not good so this morning he has been ringing around to find out if the repair would be covered by warranty and it may be but we don’t know for sure till the car is looked at. We have to take it to Klosters tomorrow for them to look at it, we hope it is as we don’t want a huge bill. I did manage to piss Tim off when he asked if I would drop the car off and I said I didn’t really want to, but I will.

At the moment he is at the doctors not sure why he has been having a trouble sleeping it is like has restlessness in his upper body and arm along with some pain around the ribs and chest area, he Googled the symptoms and came up with hernia or heart attack which I guess is why he has gone to the doctor.

Only a week to go before Tim and I will be going to Tassie for a holiday and we have been looking at different cruises for next year dad wants to find a cruise and start paying it off, my brother and sister in-law are going on a cruise next June and they asked Dawson if he would like to go but he said no he wasn’t interested in going and they have decided to not take Landon as they would have to put him into day care on the ship and it cost extra and they don’t think he would enjoy it and wouldn’t remember much of it at all. This I understand as I have been on a couple of cruises and no there isn’t a lot for young children so he will be staying with my parents while they are gone. My sister in-laws parents said they were excluding him and it was wrong with a capital W but I get why they have decided to leave him at home with mum and dad as does Tim but of course my daughters don’t get it they say they think he should go but really they have no idea what a cruise is like.

Kathy was just here she said I don’t interact with my grandchildren enough and that is why Summer is distant from me when she is here, maybe she is right I don’t know I am not a big one for interacting with children also I think the fact that I don’t have Summer here many days a week like I did Blain when he was a baby and toddler and now that he lives here I see him 5 or 6 days a week and Leo has always spent a lot of time with me and papa. Kathy has always looked after her own children and has never needed my help like her sisters do.

Ok that is all my news for today, I will end this here and post it.

About Mystery Island


Now let us move onto Mystery Island, this is a tiny uninhabited islet in Vanautu’s Tafea Province, officially charted under the indigenous name Inyeug.


Other than an airstrip built by the United States Military personnel to serve the nearby island of Aneityum, Mystery Island only has a few huts for overnighters and modern amenities for cruise passengers and some trails that bisect the island.

Tim and I went over to Mystery Island there were markets set up for those of the cruise ship and this is were we took the glass bottom boat tour which was awesome.


The population is zero, no one lives on the island as is considered taboo to do so, the locals from Aneityum when the cruise ships stop at the island, the population of Aneityum is only about 1,200 and when we were on the glass bottom boat tour we were told that some locals live on a near by island that has no running water, electricity or anything modern.


People speak English, French, Bislama and Anejom which is the local language of Aneityum, the government is a Parliamentary republic and the currency is the Vatu.


The only cruise ships that stop at Mystery Island are those from P & O


Car Troubles and Nothing Much

nothing much 1

Hello world, I had planned to post something yesterday but with one thing or another didn’t get around to it, this morning I am writing this as I wait for the NRMA to arrive to look at my car. Last night Natasha borrowed the car and when she was out she started to have trouble with it some light came on, on the dash no idea what light but when she got home the brake lights would turn off and they are still on this morning. Tim went out and looked at it, he has no idea so he rang the NRMA to come and look at it and hopefully tell us what is wrong so we can have it repaired.

I still have to go and finish my shopping I may have to walk to the shops and get someone to pick me up when I am finished, yesterday Natasha drove me to Charlie to have Friday breakfasts and get a few things but didn’t do the main part of the shopping at Coles. I had hoped to do it yesterday afternoon, as I thought Tim was coming home for a couple of hours, he had a spilt shift but he didn’t come home and thus I wasn’t able to do the shopping.

Ok NRMA has been and he couldn’t fix it thought it was the brake light switch or some other switch he tried and tried but couldn’t get the lights to go out in the end he disconnected the battery as it was flat and he had to jump start it. It will need to be towed to Ford I think to be repaired but for now I am unable to drive it. Tim hopes it will be covered by warranty but we will see, on Monday when he makes some phone calls about the bloody car.

Ok it is now midday, I started writing this 4 hours ago, went and did my shopping Kathy drove me down and came back to get me when I was finished, while I was gone Tim rang the mob we bought the car from and got in touch with the mob who handle the warranty and someone came out to check the car out and guess what the brake lights are off now, he said it might be because the battery was disconnected for a while and it reset its self but we need to take it in for someone to check it our by putting it on the computer to check it out.

Also we have now had lunch I did a beef casserole last night in the slow cooker and it was nice the meat so bloody tender and I bought a apple and custard scroll thing for dessert which Jessica said was too something no idea what that something is

Now I am looking forward to the girls and their children to leave so I can sit back and do nothing in nice and quiet. I love seeing them but I also love it when they leave.

So at this moment Natasha is straightening Kathy’s hair, Kathy came over to colour Natasha’s hair which Kathy does every few weeks. I no longer bother colouring my hair I have salt and pepper hair now which is fine with me.

I have no other news so I will now post this at 12.30pm


About Port Vila

4 of us Port Vila

Today I will tell you a little about Port Vila, which is the trading centre and capital of Vanuatu, all of us went ashore when there and what we saw didn’t impress us much but then we didn’t really see much of the area maybe if we had gone into town it would have been different but we didn’t so it is what it is.


Anyway from what I have learnt Port Vila has seen more history and change than many towns much bigger, when it comes to culture, tradition and history, how I don’t know I just read that on the info sheet the ship gives you. I can also tell you that you can find a mix of cultures in Port Vila such as Melanesian, French, English and Chinese to name a few.


It is a pretty large place with a population around 45,000, they speak English, French and Bislama and the government is a republic. The currency is Vatu but we found that all the stalls at the port took Australian dollars and the same at the shop we went to when we took a taxi ride into the nearest town which turned out not to be the nearest town at all if we wanted to walk a bit we would have seen more but neither my parents can walk a great distance.


Now some of you may have heard about Port Vila in the news when there was an accident over there involving passengers off one of P & O’s ships, I can tell you we saw no buses when we were there at the port there were many small taxi vans which are old Targo type vans and when I say old I mean old and as far as seat belt we rode in two different ones, one of them had a couple of seat belts but not enough for all in the van and the other had none that we could see.