Tassie Day Two

Here we are at day two in Tassie, still cold and wet we stopped on the way to Hobart to check out a windmill, and then we stopped for food at White Moe Espresso Tim got a hamburger and chips I had the chips he had the burger he said it as really nice. We checked out the old gaol here with a guided tour and we both enjoyed that now we are at the motel for the night the room is nice not as large as the one we had last night but its ok. We went to Woolworths and got a few things and stopped and bought hot chips for tea


2 thoughts on “Tassie Day Two

  1. Look at you traveling like a traveling type person. I have one question: If you are in Tasmania, which I found out is nicknamed Tassie thanks to Google, is “Tassie” pronounced “Tazzie” or “tassie” like a person with a lisp ordering “taffy”?

    1. It is pronounced Tassie and what would we do without Google, yeah Tim and I have been doing a lot of traveling the last few years he is worried that if 10 years we will not be able to afford to travel or my health will be such that I am unable to travel due to me having the shaking hand and stiff arm and my balance is at times really bad although the last few days it hasn’t been too bad

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