Uncle Ronnie’s Funeral

Uncle Ronnie and Eileen and Bree

Hello everyone it is Friday around lunch time here and yeah I know you are thinking what the hell Jo-Anne you don’t post at this time of day on a Friday or really very often at all on a Friday, but here I am writing a post today this is because I have Leo and he doesn’t want me to go shopping and leave him home alone not that I would but still asked him I could pop down the road to check the mail but no he didn’t want me to do that either so I have to wait for Kathy to come back from doing something for Natasha so she can stay with the Leo while I go out and do my shopping.

nan & her kids

Yesterday I had to go to the funeral of my uncle Ronnie, it was a good turnout with about 60 or so people turning up, did I cry a little but not much, mum was upset a bit at times he was her younger brother by nearly 2 years he was born on the 28th November 1941 and mum was born the 30th January 1940.

Here is a story about Uncle Ronnie I remember mum telling me that for years the family celebrated his birthday on the 27th because that is when nan thought he was born but when they got his birth certificate he was born on the 28th this is because he was born at midnight and nan thought it was just before midnight and the hospital said it was just after midnight the hospital had his birthday down at the 28th not the 27th, go figure.

Uncle Ronnie

Uncle Ronnie like his younger sister Diane had two middle names Maxwell and James, Diane’s middle names were Mary and Isabel but mum has only one Jean and uncle Frank also has only one which is David.

Speaking of Uncle Frank he still doesn’t know that Uncle Ronnie has died as he is overseas and mum hasn’t been able to contact him she has sent a text message and tried to ring him a few times but nope can’t reach him.

Also the reverend that conducted the service was a dill she stuffed up the names referring to his wife as Florence then corrected herself as his wife was Eileen his mum is Florence and he said he had two sisters Francis and Mavis but Francis is his brother not his sister so she got that wrong too. She said she didn’t know Ronnie and this is true but she had notes about who was who and still got it wrong.


We didn’t hang around much after the service we did of course go the cemetery and then back to the hall for a bite to eat and a cuppa but really didn’t have much I had a can of soft drink and a party sausage roll and party pie then we left and came home. It was a 3 hour drive to and from the funeral and I wasn’t the best yesterday my balance was shocking couldn’t stand still or walk without stumbling around, I don’t like the family to see me like that as it makes them worry about me.

Well that is it for this post till next time be happy, be safe and enjoy life


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