Still having car troubles and Tim is having body troubles

Hello everyone well yesterday Tim drove our car to work and the mechanic said it might have been a one of and not to worry. Well when he was driving home last night he had no headlights at all not good so this morning he has been ringing around to find out if the repair would be covered by warranty and it may be but we don’t know for sure till the car is looked at. We have to take it to Klosters tomorrow for them to look at it, we hope it is as we don’t want a huge bill. I did manage to piss Tim off when he asked if I would drop the car off and I said I didn’t really want to, but I will.

At the moment he is at the doctors not sure why he has been having a trouble sleeping it is like has restlessness in his upper body and arm along with some pain around the ribs and chest area, he Googled the symptoms and came up with hernia or heart attack which I guess is why he has gone to the doctor.

Only a week to go before Tim and I will be going to Tassie for a holiday and we have been looking at different cruises for next year dad wants to find a cruise and start paying it off, my brother and sister in-law are going on a cruise next June and they asked Dawson if he would like to go but he said no he wasn’t interested in going and they have decided to not take Landon as they would have to put him into day care on the ship and it cost extra and they don’t think he would enjoy it and wouldn’t remember much of it at all. This I understand as I have been on a couple of cruises and no there isn’t a lot for young children so he will be staying with my parents while they are gone. My sister in-laws parents said they were excluding him and it was wrong with a capital W but I get why they have decided to leave him at home with mum and dad as does Tim but of course my daughters don’t get it they say they think he should go but really they have no idea what a cruise is like.

Kathy was just here she said I don’t interact with my grandchildren enough and that is why Summer is distant from me when she is here, maybe she is right I don’t know I am not a big one for interacting with children also I think the fact that I don’t have Summer here many days a week like I did Blain when he was a baby and toddler and now that he lives here I see him 5 or 6 days a week and Leo has always spent a lot of time with me and papa. Kathy has always looked after her own children and has never needed my help like her sisters do.

Ok that is all my news for today, I will end this here and post it.


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