About Mystery Island


Now let us move onto Mystery Island, this is a tiny uninhabited islet in Vanautu’s Tafea Province, officially charted under the indigenous name Inyeug.


Other than an airstrip built by the United States Military personnel to serve the nearby island of Aneityum, Mystery Island only has a few huts for overnighters and modern amenities for cruise passengers and some trails that bisect the island.

Tim and I went over to Mystery Island there were markets set up for those of the cruise ship and this is were we took the glass bottom boat tour which was awesome.


The population is zero, no one lives on the island as is considered taboo to do so, the locals from Aneityum when the cruise ships stop at the island, the population of Aneityum is only about 1,200 and when we were on the glass bottom boat tour we were told that some locals live on a near by island that has no running water, electricity or anything modern.


People speak English, French, Bislama and Anejom which is the local language of Aneityum, the government is a Parliamentary republic and the currency is the Vatu.


The only cruise ships that stop at Mystery Island are those from P & O



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